Finals are almost among us for CU Boulder students – in fact, we have less than a week until the end of the semester! Before we can all head back to our homes or on our mountain vacations and enjoy the holidays, we’re all stressing out over how to maintain the best GPA possible. Getting nervous? Have no fear. This article will show you the 5 easiest ways to raise your GPA at the last second.

1. Calculate Your Current GPA


The best way to address the problems you may be having with your grades is to have an idea of what your grades look like right now. This can help you determine how curves will affect your work, how well you need to do on your finals, and which classes to prioritize at the end of the year. Double-checking your grades is also useful at this time of year because it’s a perfect time to make sure that all of your grades were recorded correctly in D2L. If not, then you have time to bring it up with a professor, which leads us to the next point:

2. Talk to your Professors


If you’re really struggling or are having particular issues in the class, talking to your professors can really help. Even if they’re the toughest teacher you’ve ever had, if you have an excuse that will explain your less-than-perfect schoolwork, chances are they’ll at least hear you out. This can be an easy way not only to raise your GPA but also to show your teachers that you are committed to your schoolwork.

3. Rack Up the Participation Points


Although CU Buffs don’t have much time left before finals hit, there is a good week left of school. This last week is a prime time to really hit the gas on your class participation. It’s an easy way to get your grades up without having to do any more homework, and it can actually help you remember the information you’re taught in class. Plus, it will show the teachers that you’re really paying attention to what they teach you, which can leave a good impression.

4. Check for Extra Credit (And Maybe Ask for it)


Many classes here at CU often offer extra credit in exchange for the whole class completing the semester FCQs for that class. If your teacher isn’t offering any extra points, you could always bring this up to them. If you haven’t heard your professor mention any extra credit assignments, check the syllabus and reread it to see if there are any assignments mentioned. At this time of year, your professors are just as excited to be done as you are, so they’re more willing to give extra points than usual.

5. Work Hard on your Finals

Nothing’s really going to help your grades at the end of the semester like finals will. They’re the make-or-break test of the semester and can sometimes raise your grade by an entire letter grade. Go to your classes during the last week before finals – there’s a good chance they’ll all be review sessions where you can clarify any questions or hard subjects you may be struggling with. Dedicate useful time (no procrastination until your vacation!) to studying, and you’ll pass your finals with flying colors. This is by far the easiest way to rack up points on your GPA.

While all of us at CU Boulder are incredibly excited to hit the slopes or open Christmas presents with our families, we still have to make it through the end of the semester. If you’re in a pinch and need to improve your overall GPA ASAP, these tips will help you do that just in time for Winter Break. Happy Holidays, fellow Buffs!



Madi Sinsel

Hello OneClass! My name is Madi and I'm a freshman at CU Boulder (sko buffs). I'm exploring various majors in the art field right now, and I'm specifically interested in graphic design and journalism. My hobbies include making lots of art, watching Netflix in copious amounts, and saying hi to every dog I see.

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