Greek life is one of the best organizations a husky could join on campus. A sorority is an excellent resource to meet strong women who want to meet well-rounded sisters. Here are the 6 signs of a Husky that’s in a sorority.

1. You wear your sorority shirts everywhere

Let’s face it sorority shirts are super trendy, and it’s even better when they’re free. Not only are they fashionable they are also very comfortable. When it’s the dead of winter, and you have to walk across campus the first thing you’re going to reach for is your warmest, coolest sorority sweatshirt.

2. You always have friends to grab food with

The worst feeling is when you have to eat food alone. There are so many women in sororities, so even if you planned to eat alone you can usually always find one of your sisters to grab food with.

3. You always have an exceptional support system

College can be rough; there’s no denying that everyone has at least one mental breakdown per semester. The good thing about being in a sorority is that there are always great women who care so much about you, and are always there to help. You know that your sisters are always there to root you on when you’re going into your first job interview, are hug you when you’re going through a rough period.

4. You always have people to go on adventures with

Your sisters are always up for anything. It could be studying at Homer Babbidge until closing, or a midnight drive to McDonald’s you know your sisters will always come with you. And they’ll make it a fun experience every time.

5. You find yourself singing the songs from recruitment

Recruitment was an intense blur. You felt like you were losing your voice every day, and the idea of making small talk with a stranger was less than ideal. However, you were so excited to finally meet your new sisters, and of course sing your sorority’s songs without annoying everyone around you. Now you catch yourself singing the songs randomly, and if you’re super extra sometimes the songs will come up on your playlists. Trust me it’s totally okay to work out to your sorority’s cheers.

6. You could not have made a better decision than joining a sorority at UConn

UConn is a huge school, and joining a sorority makes it feel smaller. There are always strong women to guide you, and make your experience at UConn great. The best advice anyone can give for a girl at UConn is to join.

While Greek life may not be for everyone it’s important to know that sorority sisters are truly proud of their organization. They push each other to do they best they can, and support their sisters along the way. These signs are just a little piece of what a woman experiences from a sorority.


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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