UConn has over 110 majors that undergraduates can pick. Many Huskies coming to UConn decide to major in Psychology, however the major is vast. Huskies can double major at UConn, and an interesting field to double major in is Human Developmental Family Studies. Here are a few great reasons to sit down with your advisor, and discuss double majoring in Psychology and HDFS.

1. The requirements are almost identical

The biggest concern for students interested in double majoring is the extra course load. Luckily, both of these majors are in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences so the general education requirements are the same. Also, the majors count as related courses for each other therefore, you’re metaphorically killing two birds with one stone. Honestly, Husky, these majors’ requirements really work well together, so it is really recommend looking into double majoring if the requirements were a concern.

2. The workload corresponds with each other

One of best parts about double majoring in Psychology and HDFS is that the material continuously relates to each other. For example,  PSYC 2400 and HDFS 2100 cover similar topics. These courses are in different fields; however, they are both discussing the same topics which is how humans develop. The classes also complement each other, so while the Psychology class discusses general material the HDFS class discusses the information in detail.

3. They’re great majors if you’re thinking about working with children or families

Both HDFS and Psychology are based on human development. Obviously HDFS focuses more on children and their relationship with the outside world as well as their family. However, the majors are both helpful for students to figure out if they really want to work with children or their families. This does not mean that you can only work with children if you double major; there are actually a vast amount of different jobs you can get with Psychology and HDFS.

4. The professors are fantastic

Most of the professors in these majors are great people, and even better teachers. Of course there are outliers, but most of the professors really are wonderful. They truly want you to understand the material because does impact everyone’s future. Even if you do not decide to double major, or even major in these fields many recommend taking one of the classes because they are really helpful.

5.Great resume booster

The job market and graduate school is very competitive right now. Recruiters look at thousands of resumes, and every undergraduate has to major in something. It really is a resume booster to see that someone took the time and dedication to double major.

6.The information is very interesting

Overall the most important thing about double majoring is that you enjoy the material your learning, in both fields. Many Huskies truly love HDFS and Psychology and find it interesting that they correspond with each other. So, Husky, it is really recommend taking a look at double majoring in Psychology and HDFS especially if you’re interested in the material.

Overall, Husky, college is all about finding yourself. In the end you’re going to find a job that you’ll have to do for over 30 years, so start with finding a major you’re truly interested in. If you’re interested in somehow working with/about children and human development it’s recommend taking a look at double majoring in HDFS and Psychology.


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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