HDFS 1060 is a great class to take for any major. It fulfills a general education requirement, and it relates to anyone taking the course. While it may seem like a really easy course it actually has some hard components. Here are 5 course concepts of HDFS 1060.

1. Methods

Similar to most HDFS courses the concept of methods and research is the first thing taught in HDFS 1060. It is very useful in order to understand the material in not only this class, but any course with a lab. It is also a grade booster for some Huskies that have already taken a class that has taught about research methods.


The next topic covered is about attraction. Attraction is a huge concept therefore the professor will spend a lot of time discussing this material. The most important thing to understand is that proximity does matter in any relationship. Honestly this was a very useful topic to learn about because it relates to everyday life.

3. Marriage

Another interesting concept that is covered in this course is marriage. The course discusses the different views of marriage throughout the world. It is truly outstanding to understand that Western and Eastern sides of the world have different perspectives of marriage. Some of the problems of marriage are also discussed.


4. Power

The next topic that is discussed in HDFS 1060 is power. Power is huge, especially referring to a relationship. The best relationship has equal power between the two people, however some relationships do not have that balance. The course looks at the different types of power in relationships, and how to deal with each one.


5. Divorce

The final concept covered is divorce. Divorce is a huge concern in relationships, so the course looks at the many reasons couples could divorce. It is a great concept for students to learn about because most are looking to be married in the future.

Overall HDFS 1060 is a very useful course for any Husky to take. It has many helpful tips that students can use in their future relationships. It also is a GPA booster, so many people recommend this course.

Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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