Math 1

Every Husky cringes at the general education requirements. One of the worst requirements is that you have to take a Q class. Fortunately, UConn has an easier Q course called Math 1020Q. By no means is this course an easy A, but it is a lot of fun to take. Here are 5 easy tips to pass Math 1020Q:

1. Always Go to Class

Like most courses, going to class is important. While attendance is not mandatory for Math 1020Q, students should go every day. The material is very hard for you to teach yourself, so missing even one day could be detrimental. The class is actually really fun, so going to class will also be enjoyable. Overall, the easiest way to do well in this class is just by attending lectures.

2. Go to Office Hours

The next best way to do well in the class is to go to office hours. Some professors don’t make use of their office hours very well,  but in this class, it can only help a student. Most of the professors are very nice, and love when students actually come to their office hours. Plus, they are willing to spend more time on harder problems that could (will) be on the exam. A smart Husky would definitely go to office hours for Math 1020Q.

3. Practice

Practicing the material really helps you to reinforce the material in your brain. Math 1020Q requires a lot of practice for you to truly understand the material. Students have to remember to explain how they got their answer. So you have to practice the problems. Once you practice the problems enough, you’ll be ready to go!

4. Don’t Waste Your Time on the Easy Problems

The hardest part of the class is the exams. The exams themselves aren’t too hard, however the time given for them is very short. The class time for Math 1020Q is 50 minutes, therefore there are only 10 minutes for each question. Only 10 minutes per question is not a long time for some problems. Students usually go through the easier ones fast so that they can have time to finish the harder problems. Yes, it does sounds hard, but with some practice, anyone can ace the exams.

5. Always do the Extra Credit

The best part about this class is that there are a lot of opportunities to get extra credit. The extra credit goes towards the exams, which is really helpful. The most extra credit you can get for one exam is 15 points which really adds up. It is recommended that students do all of the extra credit to boost their grade. Honestly, the extra credit is really easy to do especially if you go to office hours.

UConn has some really tough courses, and to some students, Math 1020Q can seem hard. However, with these helpful tips, any student can do great in the course. Huskies can follow these helpful tips to ace this terrible general education requirement.


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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