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Going to classes all day is hard. There’s nothing better than finishing classes after a long day and heading out with the squad for a bite. But choosing the right place is essential. Not to worry, UCONN has more than plenty to offer.

1. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia is literally my favorite place on campus. It’s small and cozy and unbelievably warm and toasty. They make fresh cookies every day and they are the meltiest, delicious, rays of sunshine. Plus, they have cookie cake, ice cream, and milk for the perfect end of day treat. BONUS: They stay open until 3 a.m. for your late night cookie fix needs.

2. Moe’s Southwestern Grill

Moe’s is great. It’s right next to Buckley, which makes for a conveniently short walk. For me, Mexican food is gold and Moe’s delivers in a big way. Their service is great and the staff is always super friendly. Plus, they have a salsa bar so that you can enjoy free chips and whatever kind of salsa you want.

3. Dairy Bar

Interested in ice cream so fatty it can’t be sold commercially? The Dairy Bar is in three convenient locations: The Dairy Bar by the barns, Dairy Bar Too in the Student Union, and the Dairy Bar Food Truck that drives around the center of campus. It is the richest, smoothest ice cream I’ve ever had. Don’t like ice cream? Don’t worry! They also have sorbets and milkshakes!

4. Student Union

The Student Union is fire. They have your generic Subway, Panda Express, and Dunkin Donuts, but they also have an array of all types of food in the food court made by students. On the weekends, during Late Night, they cook up their specials; my favorites are the wings with any sauce and mozzarella sticks. You can take them to the cafeteria where you can be serenaded by live karaoke performances by your fellow peers! 

5. Blaze Pizza

That place is a drug. I have a friend who tried to go cold turkey and couldn’t go through with it. You can choose whatever toppings you want and they bake the pizza right then and there. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they’ll heat up a s’mores pie in their giant fire oven and it is chocolatey heaven between graham cracker goodness.

6. Chuck and Augie’s

If you want to do something a little fancier but more affordable than fancy, Chuck and Augie’s is perfect. It’s higher end food and perfect for dates or celebrations. You can also pay using points from your dining plans that you pay for at the beginning of the semester so no cash or card necessary!

7. Grab and Go

In a rush? Did the dining halls close and you don’t want to buy food from outside? Most dining halls have a small joint attached called the Grab and Go where you can use flex passes (that you get when you buy your meal plan) to get a sandwich or wrap, drink, and dessert! Or you can go healthy and choose from their salads and fruit.

8. Cider Doughnut Stand

In the fall and spring, there’s a small stand in the center of campus that sells warm doughnuts which are PERFECT for the cold weather. They’re warm and soft and taste like cinnamon clouds. And get this: they’re for only a dollar! Look out for the bright pink table and truck on a windy day and get your spare change out because you don’t want to miss this glorious gift to UCONN!


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