UConn has almost 700 clubs and organizations on campus and each one is different and unique. There is literally something for everyone and joining clubs is a great way to get involved and meet new people who share your interests! Even if these clubs don’t really float your boat, there are so many other options. There also links to each page of the clubs listed if you want information!

1. Kodama Taiko

Taiko is a traditional style of Japanese drumming that dates back to the days of the samurai and migrated to North America in mid-early 20th century. It’s very popular amongst colleges across the country and there are a lot of performances, events, and competitions. UConn students do their shows in the Jorgenson theater to celebrate the culture of Japanese storytelling through the art of music. The drums are extremely huge and powerful. When playing the largest drum, the odaiko, you can feel the drums throughout your entire body! If you’re looking to try something completely new and different, this is a very cool club to join.

2. Honors Across State Borders (HASB)

HASB works with Habitat for Humanity to build houses in underprivileged areas while teaching UConn students about social issues and thinking of ways that these problems can be solved. During the year, students learn about the problems people in a particular area face and then they drive out to that place and work at various sites to build houses during spring break. This year, the spring trip is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia! This is a very close-knit community with lovely, generous students!

3. The Wildlife Society

This is a great club to join if you’re interested in learning more about the wildlife around New England. They get a lot of guest speakers who specialize and present about certain species of animals. There are also a ton of awesome weekend trips to actually see some of these animals. One trip was to a butterfly sanctuary and another was to go bear tagging and see baby black bears! This is a great way to connect more with the wilder side of Connecticut.

4. Formula SAE

This is a great club if you are an engineering or business major, but even if you’re not, this club is a blast. You get a lot of experience designing and manufacturing a formula car over the course of a year and then compete by racing your car with other schools. This club also helps you make a lot of connections with companies that sponsor the team, so it’s a great networking opportunity. All around, a fun experience!

5. The Daily Campus

Want to embrace your inner writer? Feel like getting the inside scoop on all things UConn? The Daily Campus is always looking for writers and they have a range of sections to choose from for their online news site and newspaper. After a few semesters of writing for them, it becomes very easy to transition to a paid job for them as well! See your articles featured on the online website and in the print! Working with the Daily Campus is also great journalism practice and their editing team is superb.

6. The Outing Club

This is a fantastic club to join if you enjoy the great outdoors and all things adventurous. This club plans fun trips for almost every weekend, with all the gear borrowable from the Rec Center on campus. Most trips involve going on hikes or camping out by mountainous areas. Some trips, like ones over the break, take place over a number of days. Everyone in the club is a blast and loves having a good time! There is a $20 fee for the year, but then all the trips are funded for.

7. Audio/Visual Club

The AV Club is a fun collection of students who work together to learn about using technology and software to create audio and visual art. No matter what your background or experience, this club helps you to become more adept at using these materials with ease and creating productions. This club has a lot of fun students who enjoy and are really good at making different projects.

8. UConn Boxing Team

It’s good to join at least one sports or athletic club on campus to stay in shape. Although there are a lot of intramural team sports you can join, my personal favorite is boxing. The coach is super chill and very good at what he does. The gym is a great, supportive environment that really pushes you to become better. Starting next year though, only those who are serious about competing can join the club!

9. UConn Pistol and Rifle Club

This club goes on Sundays to a range for shooting and gets together once a week on campus for general meetings. It’s a great opportunity to practice and appreciate gunmanship and take shots with different arms. They follow good safety procedures and are always around to make sure you feel confident at all times. A fun way to excel in marksmanship!

10. American Dairy Science Association

If you’re into cows at all, this is a fantastic club. You get one on one time with UConn’s dairy cows as you prepare them to be presented at a Dairy Show. Students go up to the barns and spend time brushing and training their cows to walk with a halter. The baby cows are absolutely adorable and the big cows are such sweethearts. If you’re not into this livestock, there is also a riding club which teaches you to horse ride on UConn horses!


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