Uconn watertower

1. Mailroom

Being in the mailroom is awesome! Lots of students will have a movie set up on their laptop in their or be working on school assignments. Every so often a student will come by to drop off a letter or request a package, but other than that, it’s a pretty quiet gig! You get really lucky if it’s in your dorm building as well.

2. Library Assistant

If you like keeping to yourself or being around books, this is a sweet job. Most of it involves shelving books, so you get to know your way around Homer Babbage and because it’s in the center of campus, it’s not too far from classes, which makes it easy to get to. If you get lonely, you can be sure to find other staff members on every floor.

3. Department Administrative Assistant

Every major has a department and department office where staff and professors have their offices. If you can get a job as an administrative assistant there, it can be very helpful in connecting you with professors in your major. This comes along handy when you need research positions or recommendations. Admin assistants usually help students set up meetings, answer phone calls, and run general errands in the office.

4. Herdsman

Working in the barns at UConn can be great if you like working with animals. Most jobs involve cleaning out stalls or feeding, but it’s great experience, especially for Animal Science majors. Even if you’re not, it’s great to be able to hang out with all the baby sheep, pig, horses, cows, and chickens in the spring!

5. Concessions Supervisor

This job can have long hours, but is super worth it. As a concessions supervisor, you basically just make sure the volunteers that are working the game stands are on task, which gives you time to go watch the games, for free! This is especially awesome during basketball season. You also get your pick of leftover pretzels and burgers when the game is over.

6. Dining Hall Operator

This job can be tiresome, but easy. It sucks when you have to wash dishes, but that’s probably the hardest part. The rest is pretty much just cleaning tables or swiping student ID’s when they come in. It’s also really convenient if you live at the dining hall you’re operating.  

7. CSD Notetaker

This job is helpful for you and those you’re serving. You basically just take really nice notes for the classes you’re already taking and upload them for students on campus with disabilities. The pay is great and it really helps you learn the material as well. Not to mention, super easy if you’re relatively organized.

8. Bus Driver

Unfortunately, due to accidents in the past, the job is now only open to graduate students. If you do qualify, it’s an easy job. You take lessons on how to drive the UConn Bus Shuttles, and then off you go, around the campus for a couple of hours a week. Great job if you like to drive or don’t want anything to mentally demanding.

9. Research Position

If you need experience in your field or major, there’s nothing like helping a professor with research in that field. Best part, you get paid to be their assistant, on top of gaining experience and knowledge. This is super helpful if you need to apply for a job or grad school after college, but usually only lasts one semester, so it’s not long term work.

10. Resident Assistant

Being a dorm hall RA can be demanding work. You are responsible for the students on your floor and have to keep up with meetings and being on duty. But it has a ton of perks. You get your own room, all paid for, plus a stipend for the semester! You can also unleash your creative side by decorating doors and bulletin boards and planning fun events for your floor.


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