The University of Connecticut has a lot of great buildings, however there are also some terrible buildings. There are many reasons why the buildings are bad. They could be run down, smelly, or overall just bad architecture. Here are five of the worst buildings at the University of Connecticut.

1.Engineering 2 Building

One of the worst buildings on campus is Engineering II. When students first walk into the building they are met with the stench of anxious engineers, and dark hallways. The entire building is pretty much just a small square. The only lecture hall in the building has to be the worst one on campus. For some reason UConn decided to make the lecture hall on a hill, so the closer students are to the front the more of an incline they are on. The people in the front often feel nauseous because their stomachs are being forced into the table. All Huskies should avoid this building at all costs.

2.Bousfield Building

The Bousfield Psychology building is actually pretty nice, however it is uncomfortably confusing. The lecture hall is easy to fine, however any other room is annoyingly hard to look for. There are to parts of the Bousfield building. One side is for educational classes, and the other side is for research and clinical work. It is very easy to go into the wrong side, and students have a hard time finding their way out.


3.Family Studies Building

Another terrible building is the Family Studies Building. When this building was first made it was probably beautiful, however as of present it is disgusting. First, it doesn’t have air conditioning so everyone is sweating inside. The interior also resembles a high school because there are lockers, and it smells like sweat. Also, it is rumored that insects and rodents have been seen roaming the halls.


4.Koons Hall

Koons Hall is a very decrepit building. It has to be one of the oldest buildings on campus because it looks like it could fall at any second. The temperature inside is always off; it is either too cold or too hot there is no in between. It is also very dark, and sometimes the lights don’t even work. Honestly if students can try to avoid this building they would be very lucky.


5.Arthur B. Bronwell

A less notable building is the Arthur B. Bronwell. It is mostly used for labs, however some general education classes can be found in there. Overall this building is just very dreary and tiny. There are also tiny gates at the entrance of the stairwell which kind of resemble a prison. Overall unless students have to go to this building they should stay away.


Overall while UConn is a beautiful campus there are some buildings that just aren’t nice. At one point in time they could have been, however right now they are disgusting. Take this article into consideration when looking at classes for next semester Huskies!


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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