Greek life is really an intricate part of any UConn student’s life. Whether they are in a Greek Organization, or they take advantage of the numerous events they have on campus; everyone is involved in some sort of Greek life activity. Here are the top 5 Frats at UConn.


The top frat on this list is FIJI. Most of the brothers in this frat are really nice, and they have great parties. Almost every Husky knows about “Duck House” and have great memories there. It always seems that the brothers are really into their brotherhood, and they care about each other. Most Huskies find FIJI at the number one frat on campus.


2.Sig Ep

The second frat on this list is Sig Ep. These guys are really sweet. They always have a lot of philanthropy events, and are involved in a lot of charities. The most notable one is the Big Brother project, which is adorable. They also have great parties, however for some reason nobody ever hears about them.



The third frat on the list is Beta. Beta is a lesser known frat compared to the two above, however it does still hold its place. These guys are very studious, but they are also very fun. They really believe in the in the concept that if they work hard they can play hard. Honestly these guys are husband material. If Huskies are looking for some smart, and fun guys they should look at Beta.

4. Alpha Sig

The fourth frat on the list is Alpha Sig. These guys are pretty new on campus, and have already made a name for themselves on campus. They are really great guys, however the reason that they are number four on the list is because they are on probation at UConn. They can’t really have huge parties because they are on probation, however they still try to have a good time.


5.Pi Kappa Phi

The fifth frat on this list is Pi Kappa Phi. This is the newest frat on campus, and they have come really far from when they first arrived. They have the nicest house out of all the frats on campus. They are also really nice guys that are all friends. The only downside to Pi Kapp is that they are really new so not a lot of people know about them.

There are many Greek Organizations on campus. Each organization is great in their own way, however some are better in the eyes of UConn students. The 5 frats above are the best fraternities on campus from the perspective of the majority of UConn students.


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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