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Access to lists about what is handy to bring to college is everywhere. But what about the definite no-no’s which sometimes slip into the packing list? Here are a few things that you will definitely NOT need to bring to UCONN.

1. A Large Supply of High Heels

Sure, you might like to wear these when you’re out partying or at work, but if you like to wear heels day to day, hard pass. The campus is huge and requires a ton of walking if you’re not savvy with the bus schedule. Plus, a lot of the recreational activities around campus include walking or hiking to nearby locations or forests. Not to mention, it gets wicked cold in the winter to be wearing anything but L. L. Beans. In this case, you’d be better suited to a sturdy pair of boots.

2. T-Shirts and Shorts

You cannot afford to only bring your comfy summer clothes. You will literally die. UCONN is, for some reason, built so that there a bunch of wind tunnels across campus. Combine that with the already chilly weather, and you are basically an icicle during January. Make sure to bring your scarves! If you can, bring cool clothes for the late summer and spring months (because it does get quite warm) and then take them back home and bring warmer clothes for the winter.

3. Big Furniture

Unless you somehow got a suite as a freshman, your room will be relatively small. Even if you did get a suite, the school provides furniture like tables and sofas, so hold off on buying big items until you actually see the rooms. Most rooms provide a desk, chair, bed, and chest with drawers.  Make sure you coordinate with your roommate on items like fridges, etc. so that you don’t get duplicates.

4. Man’s Best Friend, and Others

Pets aren’t allowed in on-campus housing, unless they are registered as therapy or assistance animals. UCONN only allows fish in small tanks so you’ll have to say goodbye to Fido when you pack your bags for school. Thankfully, people nearby like to walk their dogs on campus and are pretty open to people petting them. And there’s always the Jonathans!

5. Candles…and Other Flammables

Candles and items like extension cords are not allowed in dorm rooms because of the risk of something catching fire. Make sure you check out UCONN’s policy on other appliances because your microwave or fridge might not be up to code.

6. Old Posters and Photos

College is a chance for you to start fresh and rebrand. For many people, this is a long awaited opportunity so keep your old decorations at home and relish the chance to start on a clean slate… and wall space. Starting new can really help you on your journey to finding yourself.

7. Plants

Plants are a hassle to move safely from the home to the dorm and back again. Besides, UCONN is constantly giving out free potted plants during school events and Late Night so there really is no need to bring your own from home. The school is big on bamboo, cactus, and succulents, if those are your style. They do really well in the dorm environment.

8. Kitchen Accessories

Not necessary. There are a ton of dining halls on campus with unlimited services and Grab and Go when those close. The dining halls are also really good about having choices for all sorts of food preferences. However, if you do like to cook for yourself, not to worry. Some dorm halls have communal kitchens with their own pots and pans for your leisure. There’s also a Price Chopper nearby for all your grocery needs.

9. Dehumidifier

It gets really dry in Connecticut, especially in the winter, so a dehumidifier is the last thing you want to bring for your room. If anything, you’ll want to invest in a humidifier. The rooms all have heating, which can increase the dryness in the dorm. If you don’t want a clunky humidifier, one tip is to keep small bowls of water in the corner of the room. You’ll be surprised at how fast they evaporate so you’ll have to keep replacing them, but it really makes a difference.

10. Car

Freshman aren’t allowed cars on campus during the first semester anyway. After that, there are pros, but also a lot of cons so take some time to consider your decision. Parking services is notorious for giving tickets and fines, parking is expensive, and there are hardly any spots. There are also buses that can take you where you need to go if it’s particularly far.


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