UConn has a lot of housing options. Of course some options are better than others, and the older students are the better housing option they can get. Here are the rankings of the UConn housing options.

1.Hilltop apartments

This is the best apartment to live in on campus. It has the nicest amenities, and everyone wants to live here. The worst part about this option is that it is hard to get because everyone wants to live here.


2. Charter Oak Apartments

The 2nd best housing option at UConn is Charter Oak apartments. While the amenities are not the best, it is still an apartment.



The 3rd best housing option at UConn is the new Worth building. This is the newest residence hall on campus, and probably the nicest. The reason it is number 3 on the list is because unfortunately it is a dormitory and not a apartment.


4.Nathan Hale

The 4th best housing option is Nathan Hale. Nathan Hale is located in the hotel, and these lucky students get to live in a hotel for a whole year. They have access to room service, pool, and gym amenities. The only downside is that they have to share the room with 2 other people.



The 5th best housing option is the Garrigus suites. These suits are right near campus, and students only have to share a bathroom with 6 people instead of a whole floor. The only negative of this option is that students have to clean their own bathrooms.



The 6th best housing option on this list is South. South comes with a living room, bathroom, and bedrooms. It’s pretty much a downgraded apartment.


7.Husky Village

The 7th best housing option on this list is Husky Village. Each house in Husky Village comes with a kitchen, common room, and of course 30 dorms. This is a really fun place to live for certain Greek organizations because those students get to live with their friends.



The 8th best place to live is the Northwest residence hall. It’s really close to the center of campus, and the Northwest dining hall. It also has laundry in each building which is a big plus especially in the winter.



The 9th best place to live on campus is North. North is also really close to campus, however the dining hall sucks. It also has the laundry in another building which is horrible.



The 10th best place to live on campus is Towers. Towers has a really great dining hall, and is only available to freshmen. The only downside is that it is really far away from campus.


11. Alumni/ West

The 11th best place to live on campus is Alumni/West. It is really close to campus, so students can wake up 5 minutes before their class and be on time. The only downside is that it is really old.


12. Busby

The 12th best place to live on campus is Busby. It is just a little farther than North to the center of campus. While it may look nice, there is a huge hill than can be really annoying to walk up. It can also be annoying sharing a room with 2 other people.


13. Mansfield Apartments

The 13th best place to live on campus is Mansfield Apartments. While this is an apartment it is very dreary. There are a lot of rumors of how gross these apartments are, and UConn is actually demolishing them soon.


14. Northwood Apartments

The 14th best place to live on campus is Northwood Apartments. It is a really nice apartment complex, however it is really far from campus. Usually graduate students live here rather than students.


15. Shippee/ Buckly

The worst place to live on campus is Shippe/ Buckly. These dorms are far away from the center of campus, and the dining hall is pretty gross. While it is close to Storrs Center, they are far away from the majority of people at UConn.


Overall all of these options are great because they are on campus. If students really want a certain housing option they should try to find an upper class student to live with. Hopefully this ranking will help students with next year’s housing.




Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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