Let’s face it, UConn isn’t a cheap school. Somehow the school always ends up making students pay even more money than they already have spent for the entire semester. Points are a big issue on campus. Most students end up using all of their points in the beginning of the year, and then have to either mooch off their friends, or spend their own money. Here are 5 ways to conserve points at UConn.

1. Amount of Points

First off students should know how many points they have to start off with. They can easily look up how many points they have by looking at their HuskyOne Card balance. The highest amount of points they can have is 500, however most students have 200. While 200 points may seem like a lot it can actually be wasted pretty easily.


2. Don’t Spend Points on Friends

Most students that don’t have a lot of points left, or none at all try to snag some from their friends. While this is great for spending excess points, it can also drain students dry if it’s too early in the semester. While it is a great thing to do for a friend, students should try to not spend points on them.


3. Decide if the Price is Worth the Points

A lot of food around UConn is very over priced. Some disgusting salad can range from 4-8 dollars. While students may be hungry it’s worth it to look at cheaper options such as sandwiches and pasta. While these options may not be healthy they are cheaper, so students have to decide on which one they want more.


4. Decide on an Amount to Spend per Month

The best way to portion out points is by setting a limit on how much students can spend per week. For example if a student only has 200 points they should try to only spend 40 points a week. While this can be very annoying, it’s also annoying to run out of points. Putting a limit on how much a student spends can help make sure they have food throughout the year.


5. Bring Snacks from Home

The final way to conserve points is to bring snacks from home. These snacks can also be super healthy which is a great bonus. A healthy snack alternative is almonds, or granola bars. When students bring snacks they will be spending less, and they know exactly where the food comes from.


Overall while UConn may seem pretty inexpensive the added cost of eating can make students end up paying a lot. While most students have points they usually get rid of them early on in the semester. Students should follow these tips in order to save their po


Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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