UConn is a huge campus, and it can be really difficult to get to different places. Even if people have cars, finding parking is really difficult. Luckily, UConn provides students with a free bus service, however the buses can be really hard to manage. Here are 5 tops to deal with the UConn buses.

1. Use the App

The UConn app is really helpful for all students. There are so many parts of the app that students can use. The most useful tool is the bus app. The bus app shows students the times and the location for all of the buses. It allows students to know when the buses are coming, and hopefully not be late.

2. Be Aware That the Times can be Wrong

One of the biggest problems with the bus app is that the times that the buses are coming could be wrong. Yes, they are on time sometimes, however it depends on the bus driver whether they are on time or not. Some bus drivers will wait at the bus stop until they are told to leave, and some just stay at the bus stop for 20 seconds.

3. Look at the GPS

One of the better parts of the UConn bus app is that the GPS is usually always right. Students can click on the bus color they want, and see where it is on the map. This is a lot more reliable than looking at the bus times, and can keep students from not missing from the bus. Students just have to make sure that the bus is going the correct way.

4. Know the Different Bus Lines

Another difficult concept for UConn students is knowing the different bus lines. Each bus line is based off of a different color, and there are 7 lines. Each line goes to a different part of campus, and some the same places. However all of the routes are different. Students should look at their local bus stop to see what color comes to them.

5. Know Where to Get on for Each Bus Line

The final tip for the UConn buses is to know the fastest route to their location. While a student could get on a bus line that they know would take them to their desired location, it could take a long time to get there. If a student gets on at the wrong stop it could take them close to half an hour to get to the right stop. Students should check each bus line, and see where they should get on.

Overall students are really lucky to have access to the buses. Without the buses students would have to either walk or pay for an uber to get anywhere around campus. Neither of those ideas are fun, and students would never want to go anywhere.

Alexis Kass

Hi I'm Alexis and I am studying psychology and HDFS at the University of Connecticut. I hope you enjoy reading about my insights and experiences at UConn.

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