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College is the perfect time to explore new outlets. University of Delaware offers endless courses and whether you need to satisfy some breath requirements or just want a fun filler UDSIS is sure to be accommodating, as long as it doesn’t crash… Here are 10 of the Coolest Courses at the University of Delaware!

1. HOSP418 – Beverage Management

“…This course examines these issues along with an in-depth study of wine, beer, distilled spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.” While you must be 21 to take the course, you will learn all about how beverages impact hospitality operations along with having some tastes of your own. Who needs Grottos? You can become a connoisseur and get credit for it!


2. ANFS404 – Dairy Production

Really any class that gives you time on south campus’ farm would be such a unique experience. The Agriculture College offers many courses to have hands-on experience with a variety of animals and develop a deeper appreciation. Get a behind the scenes look at how UDairy ice cream comes about.


3. ANTH344 – Anthropology of Clothes

Study how fashion and beauty changes so frequently world-wide, based on economics, politics, gender and religion. This is a great multicultural course to discover the causes and consequences of changing style of dress through the topic of globalization. Gotta keep up with the trends!


4. ART250 – Introduction to Sculpture

Use tools to create sculptures while working with metal and wood. You’ll be welding and utilizing woodshop equipment that can not only make amazing pieces of art but develop cool skills that can be relevant in the future. Hands on dorm décor?

5. BAMS107 – History of rock

May not be as cool as the school of rock, but youll learn about a variety of music leading up to an focusing on rock. Also, this satisfies a group b requirement, win win!

6. BHAN200 – Physical Education

New Years resolution was to actually walk into the lil bob and work out more? This is your chance, a great way to stay motivated and fit all semester long. You can choose from a variety of focus’s including, yoga, strength and conditioning, ice skating, ballroom dancing, body tone, cycling, team sports …. The list goes on and on. There’s no excuses for that freshman fifteen and the perfect way to work off that beer belly included into your schedule.

7. BHAN132 Scuba / MAST132

Cause who wouldn’t love swimming up close and personal with sea creatures? You will build the basic skills and knowledge needed for you to continue training to receive open water scuba certification. Spring break excursions in the future will be so much better!

8. SOCI209 – Social Problems

In need of a Group C requirement and want a more open minded perspective of the world? This course covers it all, from poverty, to war to adolescence through aging and even environmental pollution. Gain knowledge that will shape your thoughts and actions for the better!

9. ENTR115 – Start-up of the Professional You

Learn practical skills that can be utilized for any major. Professional skills, meaningful relations and an entrepreneurial mindset will help you brand yourself. Using social media you can succeed in the workplace with newly found communication and networking skills!

10. SOCI322 – Crowds, Cults and Revolutions

Find human behavior and mentality interesting? This course analyses behavior in unstructured situations like crowds, panics, riots and demonstrations. How does an event go from peaceful to out of hand? Study through the processes of interaction how susceptibility, contagion, polarization and communication make it possible.


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