Joe biden university of delaware

1. You brag about the famous alumni like Taylor Swift’s dad and former Vice President Joe Biden

People as you why you went to the University of Delaware? Just list all the important people that came out of this school like VP Joe Biden and the creator of one of the greatest pop stars of all times. Now that’s an accomplishment.

2. You know exactly what places are a “flex zone”, and that place is not the Little Bob

At first the difference between points and flex confused you, but soon you know exactly what to respond to “how are you paying?”

3. You will defend the legitimacy of YouDee as a mascot until the day you die

We may be the Fightin’ Blue Hens but were the most GD ferocious blue hens there ever was!

4. You know who Uber Leroy is

As soon as you see the blue lights and hear “London Bridge” by Fergie bumping on Main Street you know exactly who it is.

5. There is a huge difference in the pronunciation of Newark, NJ and Newark, DE

If you say Newark like “New York” but meshed together, you should be embarrassed.

6. You chug at the pregame because there is no way you’ll get to the keg anytime soon at the frats

No matter who you know at the party it’s going to take you at least 10 minutes to get your beer refilled.

7. You argue with your friends from home whether its “dage” “darty” or “daylong”

Darty and daylong just sound dumb. There’s nothing more fun than a UDage on a Saturday.

8. You cringe when you hear someone call us “UDel”

Even though our emails are you’d never be caught dead calling UD “UDel”.

9. At least 60% of your friends are from New Jersey

We’re basically the University of New Jersey at Delaware.

10. You’ve been verbally assaulted by the teachings of Kirkbride Jesus

Being told you’re going to hell by Kirkbride Jesus is a rite of passage.

11. You stare longingly at the 21 and up crowd at the bars on Main Street

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to get into a bar until you’re actually 21 years old. The day that you can get into Deer Park will be one of the best of your life.

12. Your favorite frat is Pi Omicron Delta, or more commonly as known as P.O.D.

Without a doubt you will be there at least once every weekend.

13. Off campus housing causes you extreme anxiety

Anyone who has ever thought about living off campus has suffered through the stress of the more than difficult process of finding housing.

14. You do anything to recover from a dage on Saturday in order to be good to go out that night

People may think were crazy for partying during the day and at night, but in all honestly were just really freaking fun.

15. The only reason to get out of bed on Sunday’s is that brunch stops at 2

It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a mad rush to CR at 1:45 to make it to brunch

16. Winter break is the worst 7 weeks of your life and you just want to be back at your real home in Newark.

All of your friends are back at school and all you want to do is be back at UD.


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