One thing that you’ll have never complain about in Newark, DE is a lack of eating locales.. Main Street jam-packed with restaurants from as many as 6 places specializing Mexican cuisine to a spot with all your favorite gelato flavors. For the many days that you can’t handle another bite of dining hall the options are endless. 10 of the Best Places to Eat Near University of Delaware:

1. Home Grown Café

This is one of the most popular places for Sunday brunch. From eggs benedict served with crab to BLAH BlAH, the food will not disappoint. Grab some outdoor seating and order a mimosa while people watching passersby. It makes for a perfect outing with the girls. 

2. Grotto Pizza

Grotto’s is another restaurant that will be far from empty on Sunday. With its many flat screens and a bar that goes by the name of “The Blue Hen Sports Den”, the place is packed most weekends come time for Sunday night football. It may not exactly live up to the standards of pizza many of the students that hail from New York and New Jersey have come to expect, but it makes up for that with its jam packed atmosphere and complimentary popcorn machine. 

3. Del Pez

There may be an unusually large number of Mexican restaurants on Main Street, but it simply makes for more variety. Ideally you should taste them all, but if that is not an option, make Del Pez a priority. It has the perfect combination of authentic tacos and burritos or typical bar food for whatever you’re in the mood for.

4. Brew Ha Ha

Starbucks is stiff competition, but it just might have met its match with this hipster coffee shop. Its list of flavored lattes, “serious coffee”, and a healthy variety of sandwiches and pastries makes for an ideal study location those afternoons when the library is simply too quiet.

5. Deer Park Tavern

This place has the exact vibe its name implies. The Newark Landmark since 1875 has cozy booths, pub fare and an endless list of beers making it a great place to grab dinner on a Friday night.

6. Taverna

For the many New Yorkers and New Jerseyites that attend UD, Italian food is a staple of their at-home diet and Taverna helps to make up for the lack of Sunday dinners while at school. The rustic, trendy décor makes it feel like more like an NYC restaurant than one in Newark, Delaware.

7. Caffé Gelato

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…gelato! This restaurant, started by an actual UD student, has become a frequent stop for current students and alumni alike. It may be more expensive than some other restaurants listed here, but it is a perfect place for date night and the hazelnut gelato will make it all worth it.

8. Central Perk

Another coffee house has made the list. Even without its undeniably satisfying coffee and deli sandwiches made to order with fresh vegetables, this would still be a regular spot to hang out simply because of its name. What better place to channel your inner Rachel and live out your Friends dreams?

9. Newark Deli and Bagel

Have no fear that you will have to go without good bagels because NDB can compete with the best of them. On the weekends, its packed with students and nearby residents waiting patiently for a taylor ham egg and cheese sandwich. Breakfast here, after a night out, is the perfect hangover cure.

10. Klondike Kate’s

There will inevitably be a line out the door here Thursday-Sunday. Those students of legal drinking age are tempted by its burger and wings deals, the bar of course and the variety of  music it provides. Make no mistake, though, the brunch here is just as appetizing and it will long be a favorite for residents at any time of day.

Make a point of visiting as many of these as you can plus the many places that didn’t make the list before graduation day! Newark, DE may be a small town, but it has no small list of places to go and foods to fill up on.


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