As with most colleges and universities, taking any math or science courses will bring you down a difficult path. Freshmen, take comfort in knowing that you won’t be suffering alone. And if you power through, you can reap the best (most expensive?) reward- a college degree. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at University of Delaware!

1. NURS101

No one ever said health sciences would be easy. Although named as a nursing course, this is an anatomy and physiology class, and teaches every system of the human body in an unnecessary amount of detail for a freshman class. Who will need to memorize the names of all the nerves in two days for a quiz next lecture? You will! But this course’s textbook is extremely helpful- you’ll need the 5 pages per chapter of tables filled with relevant terms, definitions, and diagrams.

2. BISC205

Again with the health science courses! This life sciences biology class will have you studying the inner workings of genetics all hours of the day and dreaming about RNA transcription all hours of the night. The professor is far too smart to be teaching this level of biology, and as a result will test you on subjects way beyond your level of learning. Don’t forget about the lab that comes with it- while the lab itself is not difficult, the separate lab final is, as the professor won’t tell your TA what you’ll need to study.

3. CISC108

Ahhh computer science- an obscure topic for most. Those who are technology-challenged should avoid this class at all costs! Learning coding will give you a migraine like no other, and even banging your head against your desk will be more fun than creating your own project at the end of the course. On this note, any of the CISC (computer science) courses will have you learning information so specific that only 0.01% of the population will know what you’re talking about at any given time.

4. ECON301

Quantitative Microeconomic Theory. Just the name of the course makes you shiver. While this is not a math or science course, it still makes the cut for one of the top hardest classes. An entire class based around theories and graphs . You even need an in-depth knowledge of calculus just to understand price determination and income distribution. If this class is required for you, I’m sorry, stock up on Red Bull for your all-nighters. If it’s not required: what are you doing? Pick any other class.

5. PHYS207

This fundamentals of physics class sounds pretty basic, right? Wrong. A year of high school calculus is highly recommended before even stepping foot into this (introductory!) class. To be fair there are some cool aspects with the lab experience, but it is brought to you with the cost of staying up for three days straight. With an emphasis on Newton’s laws of motion and conservation principle, this is the kind of science that combines with math to equal a semester-long headache.

6. CHEM321

Either you love chemistry, or you hate it. There is no in between. If you’re the latter, then this is not the class for you! As a higher-level organic chemistry class, this class is filled with identical carbon rings and confusing nomenclature that no matter how hard you try, you will never remember it 100%. You have to know so much detail in molecular models that you actually have to build organic molecules on every (cumulative!) exams . Unless you have an aptitude for chemistry, this shouldn’t be your number one pick.

7. MATH221

Since this class can apply to nearly all majors, if you got a B or C on the math placement test you can anticipate the possibility of being enrolled in this course. For a low level calculus course, it is unrealistically in-depth. 2 years of high school algebra is not simply recommended, but required, and a year of precalculus won’t hurt either. The list of topics covered would take up more pages than this article. If you are unwillingly forced into this lecture hall- I will be praying for your soul and sanity.

8. BISC300

A microbiology class is interesting (and difficult) any way you spin it. What makes this class a killer is that there are no in-class lectures. Sounds great right, no class! Wrong. Good luck keeping yourself accountable for the topics you need to know. And considering your entire grade is based on 3 exams and a final, you better learn the information quickly and correctly. For best results: hole yourself up in your dorm and take no other classes all semester.

9. MATH241

The only thing worse than a general math class is a math class where you have to analyze and apply to the real world, along with taking it freshman year. Analytic geometry and calculus is a name that will haunt your dreams even past your first semester, and might even make you want to drop out. Best of luck!

10. ENGL205

Here we have the sole english class on the list. British Literature to 1660 certainly deserves this spot! If you’re an English major, this is just one of your elective options. Enjoy reading texts that are written in such old language that it will take you 4 tries just to comprehend what you’re supposed to be reading about. Math and science are easy in comparison to authors who are so long dead no one remembers who they are, and the texts, while you may try to connect to them, are so far beyond your realm of reality.

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