No matter who you are, freshman year in college, especially the first semester, is tough. Between the social changes and adapting to your new life everyone can use some tips to make it through the first year at UD!

1. Do not wear a lanyard with your keys on it.

Nothing screams freshman like wearing your OneCard and room key around your neck. Don’t worry, I did it too. Instead put your key on a hair tie and keep it around your wrist and get a card holder for the back of your phone!

2. The dorms get HOT

If you’re living on east campus in Lane and Thompson, Russell, or Harrington save yourself in advance and bring at least 5 fans. The dorms are insanely hot in the fall and later on in the year, I promise you will be miserable unless you have fans going all the time. Another tip is to soak a t-shirt in water and leave it in the freezer and at night wear it to bed. You’ll be in heaven!

3. Buy a full vacuum

There will be so much hair on the floor of your room that a dust buster cannot handle. Make the investment and buy a vacuum that can fit under your bed or in the closet.

4. Bring a lot of Emergen-C

Living in a dorm is like living in a petri dish; you will constantly be sick. The best thing to do is bring tons of vitamin c and Purell and use them religiously. Being sick at school is so much worse than being sick at home. No one will bring you soup and you still have to do all the work you’d have to do if you were healthy.

5. Get Venmo

Unless you have Venmo you will never be paid back for anything. It’s an easy and convenient way to transfer money on the spot so there is no “wait until I get cash” or “I’ll remember later”. In college, every penny is worth saving.

6. GET SPOTIFY!!!!!!!!!

Sign up for Spotify with your student email address and you’ll get the premium package for only $5 a month and it is totally worth it.

7. Don’t live off campus sophomore year unless you absolutely know who you want to live with.

What sucks about housing at UD is if you want to live off campus you usually have to decide by October and at that point it’s highly unlikely you know exactly who you’ll want to live with in 10 months. There are so many people at UD and you might not meet your people until later on, so don’t rush into anything!

8. Know your limits

Don’t be that person who goes to college and gets blackout drunk every weekend. Not only are you ruining your nights, but also the nights of the people that have to look after you. The quickest way to lose friends is to be a mess and prevent everyone from having a good time. 

9. Make sure you set a timer when you’re doing laundry.

It is extremely frustrating when you have to share three washers and three dryers and someone has left their laundry in the machine for hours. Be courteous and grab your clothes on time so someone else can use them.

10. Leave your debit cards at home when you go out.

After a long night out on the town you will want to grab pizza or Jimmy Johns. Occasionally this is a good idea, but honestly doing it every night is a waste of money and calories. Skip the late night mean and go to bed, you probably will regret eating 5 slices of pizza in the morning.




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