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Playful rivalries with friends back home make the college experience all the more fun. At the University of Delaware, sports may not play a huge role on campus, but that doesn’t mean the school is lacking in school spirit. UD students take pride in their school and will argue why it’s better than any other. The University of Maryland is often compared to UD, but this list should ultimately prove that it pales in comparison to Delaware.

1. UD is that much closer to Philadelphia.

Weekend trips to Philly are one of the biggest parks of being at school in Delaware and though Maryland is closer to Baltimore, I think we can all agree that a Philly cheese steak is a lot more tempting than a crabcake from Maryland.

2. There’s no getting lost at UD.

Sure, the first couple days of freshman year made campus seem huge and hard to navigate, but it quickly feels like home. It’s the perfect size to not feel claustrophobic and still know your way around campus easily. The same can’t be said for Maryland’s giant campus.

3. Newark trumps College Park any day.

Both college towns offer plenty to do but it’s easy to get around Newark and there’s no fear of safety even for a 3am Domino’s run. It has more of a hometown feel and there’s basically a guarantee you’ll see someone you know walking around on the weekends.

4. Who needs football when UD has dage season?

Maryland might have better sports teams, but at UD students don’t need to a football game in order to have a reason to party. Daging is one of the unique elements of UD. It’s UD’s  own form of “tailgating” that does not involve having to go to a boring football game after.

5. St Patrick’s Day at UD is bigger than any game day at Maryland.

For anyone that considered coming to Delaware, St. Patrick’s Day was definitely a factor in their decision. The celebration of this holiday lasts the entire week of St. Patty’s Day with most students decked out in green through it all. It kicks off the start of spring, and winds up being bigger and better than the many tailgates for Maryland football games combined.

6. UD gets to proudly boast that former VP Joe Biden is an alumni.

For most UD undergrads, this is a fact they like to make known to visiting students. It’s a source of pride for all and his occasional visit to campus are definitely something you want to be there for. It’s hard to believe any Maryland alums would have the same effect.

7. MD Dairy cannot compare to UDairy Creamery.

Maryland might have some unique flavors like S’mores or Mint Oreo, but their 1856 flavor in honor of the year the university was chartered has nothing on UD’s 1923 flavor in honor of the university’s study abroad program.  You tell me if Maryland’s strawberry ice cream with sponge cake sounds more appealing than the vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate that UD has to offer.

8. UD was the 1st university to have a study abroad program meaning it’s one of the university’s top priorities even today.

UD has over 70 different programs to choose from. Maryland has a great many options for students as well, but at UD over 30% of students go abroad every year.

9. Greek life at UD is a lot less pressure.

Similar to many state schools, Greek life is a big part of the social lives of students at each university, but because UD is significantly smaller with less sororities and fraternities to pledge, the process of getting in is a lot less stressful.

10. UD gives you the feeling of being in a small city while still letting you enjoy the outdoors.

White Clay Creek State Park is a mere 10 minute drive from UD with beautiful hiking trails and tons of concerts for students taking summer session. Maryland students are not as lucky for the days they need a bigger dose of fresher air.



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