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It’s that time of year again, the time that every college student dreads: Exams. Many UF students, myself included, have either already started exams or have them coming up very soon. That’s why I wanted to know what students here in the swamp are doing to prepare for this very stressful time.


Some students prefer a more traditional method of studying. Abby, a junior majoring in Sociology, and Ian, a senior majoring in Microbiology, prefer to just review their notes and reread the chapters that the exam is covering. In addition to this, Katie, a freshman majoring in Biology, also likes to make notecards to help her better memorize the material.

Not everyone likes these methods though. Jessica, a sophomore majoring in Psychology, doesn’t like notecards because they take too much time. She prefers to take her notes and turn them into a study guide. Jenna, a first-year Masters student majoring in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, likes to retake her notes. When she takes notes in class she likes to type them out, then when she is studying she handwrites them. This way it helps her memorize them better without just rereading them. There are also students like Nicole, a junior majoring in Plant Science, that like to use outside sources while studying. Nicole likes to read articles related to the content she is studying so that she can get a fresh perspective on the material and clarify anything she may be confused about.


Of course, there are also the students who prefer studying in the library. Sunjay, a senior majoring in Biology likes to go to Marston Science Library when he studies. He says he will handwrite copies of his notes until he has them memorized, he also listens to piano music to help him concentrate while he does this. Similarly, Parker, a senior majoring in Telecommunications, will start going to the library a week before his exams and spend a couple of hours a day reviewing the lectures and his notes until he feels confident he has the material memorized.


When I’m not waiting until literally hours before my exam to start cramming I also like to use the study guide method. I’ll begin by turning on some loud, fast punk music to drown out any distractions, then I’ll start looking through old quizzes and past exams, then I select certain questions and turn them into statements, use my notes, and any vocabulary words from the textbook to create a giant study guide that will (hopefully) help me ace whatever exam I’m studying for.

No matter how you like to study, I hope that all of you rock your exams! If you were having trouble deciding how to prepare I hope this article was helpful!


Charlie Daffron