Registration time is here again, and some students may not know what kind of classes they want to take this semester. Here is a list of five unique classes that UF students can register for right now!

The Dog – VME3001

Who doesn’t love dogs right? Well for those following the Biology or Veterinary school track, you can take a course dedicated to everything about dogs. Covering everything from the evolution of different dog species to its role in modern society, this class truly is the comprehensive guide to man’s best friend.


Screen Printing – ART3433C

More of the creative type? Fear not! UF has plenty of great art courses, including Screen Printing. Students who take screen printing will be given the opportunity to develop a series of prints based on an idea they have, providing them with valuable field experience and an item to include in their personal portfolios!


Age Of Dinosaurs – GLY1102

Tired of taking the same old science courses over and over? Looking for something new and fun? Well, you’re in luck! UF offers a course specifically devoted to dinosaurs and the various prehistoric eras. Students will be able to learn about the various species of dinosaur and the kinds of environments they lived in, as well as the various geological processes at work during this fascinating time in history.


Beekeeping – ENY4573

Ever wondered what it takes to raise a colony of Bees? With this class, you can find out just that! Covering topics such as bee anatomy and the various problems beekeepers today face when trying to keep their colonies alive, this class will show you bees in a totally new light!


Sherlock Holmes – HIS3942

A class about Sherlock Holmes? Yes, you read that right! In this class, students are introduced to the challenges of historical thinking and writing by learning about late Victorian England, the world of the one and only, Sherlock Holmes. And who doesn’t want to learn to think like Sherlock, right?


So, whether you’re the aspiring detective or a biologist in training, UF has the classes for you! Hopefully, this article will be helpful to anyone looking to fill the gaps in their schedules with the most interesting classes possible!


Charlie Daffron

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