IUF 1000, or What Is The Good Life? The class that all freshmen at The University Of Florida have to take and it’s also the class all freshmen dread. While it may seem like more of a useless pain than anything else, it’s actually not too hard to do well in this universally reviled class. Here are a few tips that can help you get the highest grade possible:

1. Read All Of The Readings

The volume of reading you have to do for the class will obviously depend on your professor, but it’s important for you to read everything that your professors assign you each week. It may seem like a lot, but once you are taking the exam it will pay off. Knowing the name of each reading and the author is also very important (even for small articles), because these can score you easy points on the short answers and the essay questions on the exams. There are a lot of readings, especially in the second half of the semester, so flashcards with the name of the reading and the article on one side and a brief summary of the reading on the other can be extremely helpful when studying.


2. Pay Attention During Lecture

This may seem kind of obvious, but it’s still important. During lectures, your professor will explain some of the more abstract parts of the readings and how they relate back to the core questions of the class. This information can be extremely helpful on your exams and essays by giving you valuable insights you can use to get more points. So don’t forget to take notes!

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3. Prepare Well For Essays

You will have two exams in Good Life, each one will have a big essay question that will account for a majority of the exam’s points. The class also has a final paper on top of all of that. These essays will all require you to compare and contrast or make arguments based on readings from the class. By knowing and implementing the information you learned in lecture as well as knowing the basic summaries of the readings you should be able to do well on the essays and get the maximum amount of points possible.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If you don’t understand something ask your TAs! If they can’t help, talk to your professor! Utilize your weekly discussion to get help from your peer!. There’s nothing wrong with needing help, and clearing up any confusing issue can benefit you in the long run, since you’ll have everything you need for the exam.


5. Actually Show Up For Your Final Exam

Another one that should be obvious, but sometimes isn’t. There are stories of people skipping out on their final exam because they had an A in the class and were going to pass anyway. That’s just stupid! Go to your exam! Why just pass, when you can actually get a high grade in the class? Also, don’t oversleep and completely miss your exam. Don’t be the person who could have finished the class with an A, but instead, ended up with a C because they didn’t set their alarm.


Sure, Good Life is a drag and it certainly won’t make your life any better. But, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use the class as an easy GPA booster to help you along your freshman year. As long as you keep up with your work and prepare appropriately for big assignments there’s no reason why you shouldn’t leave the class with an A or B.


Charlie Daffron

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