Attending the University of Florida can be a challenging time for many students, freshman and seniors alike! However, taking fun and interesting classes can certainly alleviate stress and guide you in finding a major that suits you and discover what your passion is for choosing a future career. Without further anticipation, here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Florida:

1. GLY3083C – Fundamentals of Marine Sciences

This is one great class you do not want to miss out on taking! The class follows a regular class structure with several exams and assignments, but… there are three day trips in the lab portion! These include traveling to Cedar Key, the Gulf of Mexico and Matazanas Inlet! So, it’s a win-win for anyone who likes marine wildlife and getting a hands on experience.

2. CLA3160 – Ancient Egypt

Have you ever walked like an Egyptian? Well even if you haven’t heard the song or tried to dance to it, you’ll really enjoy this class! During this course you’ll experience the history, life style, and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Not only that, but you will learn some of the hieroglyphics used during that time. Even if you’re not planning on studying Egypt any further it still counts as a humanities credit and you can impress your friends with your knowledge of hieroglyphics.

3. THE2000 – Theatre Appreciation

Calling all theatre aficionados (and even those who haven’t stepped inside a theatre), this is the class for you! During the semester you will read different plays and actually have the opportunity to watch them in person! Part of the class involves attending several plays, which helps you get a feel for what to expect when going to the theatre. Not only that, but the professor is extremely helpful and encouraging so watch and read away!

4. AST1002 – Discovering the Universe

Have you ever wondered if we really are alone and want to know more? Then this is the course for you! You’ll even get the opportunity to use a telescope and observe objects that can’t be seen with the naked eye! So definitely take this course to satisfy all of your space related questions!

5. ENY4573 – Beekeeping

Alright, this class may sound silly to you but bees are highly important in our every day lives! Not only will you learn how bees function but you’ll gain knowledge about the social structure within the colony. Who knew bees had a social hierarchy? There is also a field day where you’ll get to go to the Bee Biology Unit and learn how to extract honey. In my opinion this class is pretty sweet!

6. CRW1101 – Beginning Fiction Writing

Wanting to become the next J.K Rowling and satisfy your writing requirement? Then CRW1101 is the answer for you. Not only will you respond to short stories read in class you will also have to write your own! Even though writing about vampires may seem overdone; there are a million other possibilities to explore. The professor is also highly encouraging and informative, so check this class out!

7. ALS2410- Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty

This class is definitely for all of you conservationists and those just wanting to preserve our planet! This course expands upon how the worlds’ population is growing and how we can save our quality of life! The class is split into 5 groups to represent food, economic, social, environmental, and health. By doing this you will broaden your own ideas of sustainability and gain knowledge about working in groups! Every one of us can make a difference in how we take care of our planet!

8. SPC2608 – Introduction to Public Speaking

Everyone knows how frightening it is to speak in front of an audience no matter what age you are! Thankfully this course will ease your fear and make you a public speaker to be reckoned with. By completing several types of speeches (persuasive, informative and impromptu) you will gain skills applicable to any situation! So now when you have to give a speech you won’t have any worries!

9. HSC3537 – Health and Medical Terminology

Here you will find any term in the medical field you could possibly imagine! No matter what field of medicine you’re going into (or not) these terms are useful even for routine checkups at the doctors’ office. It’s also a fun and interesting way to earn credits toward your gen ed classes!

10. EEX3093- Exceptional People

This course was a wonderful experience! In it you will learn about disability studies from several different perspectives. The course consists of several tests and the professor is extremely informative and entertaining! You’ll also get the chance to volunteer with disabled people and learn sign language. What a great way to fulfill the humanities requirement and add to your resume!



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