Going through college guarantees that you’ll take some challenging classes along the way! Some classes, especially at the University of Florida, will certainly give you a new meaning of the word challenging. Here are the 10 hardest classes at University of Florida:

This one goes without saying as one of the most demanding courses at UF. Not only is there an unfathomable amount of material but you need to have a strong background in organic chemistry and biology. Good luck to all of you pre-med, pre-dental and all other pre-professional majors out there!

Speaking of organic chemistry previously; these two courses are certainly going to have you putting in some study hours. These classes build off each other and are necessary for most pre medical profession pre-requisites. Fortunately, Study Edge will be there to help you out!


This can be a very easy or hard class depending on how strong your strengths are in math. But for most, this course requires a considerable amount of time to keep up with the homework assignments and studying for exams. So, if you don’t understand the concepts from early on you may be in trouble since the class moves at a fast pace.

And you thought organic chemistry was the least of your worries, then you haven’t taken physics 2 yet. This is one of those courses where you might need to give up your social life in order to pass. The tests will definitely be a challenge, so don’t fall behind!

For many students, this class will want to make you rip your hair out. The overall course itself is extremely interesting, but the exams will make you think twice about taking it. The issue is that the tests are written in a strange way with confusing answer choices where two choices could be correct. Just make sure you know the material like the back of your hand!

This one is for all of you engineering majors out there and is not for the faint of heart. The material builds off itself very quickly and the exams are very in depth and arduous. Fortunately, you’ll be able to brag to your friends about how you completed this course once you pass!

This is a course that will have you begin studying everything from the first day of class. As a requirement for all business and accounting students, you can’t get out of taking this one. I have read horror stores online about the complexity of the exams and material.

Don’t go into this course expecting an easy A because that is not what you’ll get. There is a vast amount of material in this course and the challenging exams don’t make it any better. Depending on the professor you have, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time studying for this class.

Don’t let the course name fool you with the word “elementary”, this class is far from it. You absolutely need to have a strong grasp on concepts from calculus 1 and 2 or else you’ll be taking a ride on the struggle bus. Also ,having a membership for Study Edge won’t hurt either!

This is one of those classes that you can’t escape from if you’re thinking of going into the medical field. Even Charles Darwin might have trouble with this course mainly because of the challenging exams and assignments. If you had a lot of trouble with the genetics portion from Bio 1 you might want to reconsider taking this class!


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