1. Try to get along with your roommate

Living on your own is intimidating at first and couple that with living with someone you hardly know. Whether you both matched with each on the dorm matching service or he/she is completely random, it would be wise to try to get along since you’ll be spending a lot of time together. But, have no fear they won’t be your only friend for long, especially with all of the Greek life and clubs available on campus!

2. Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’

Now that you’re not living with your parents and having family dinners every night, all of the readily available pizza, chicken wings, and Asian food seems so enticing. However, what isn’t enticing is gaining 10 or 15 pounds and not feeling like yourself anymore along with being unhealthy. This can easily be remedied by utilizing the free gym memberships at Student Rec and Southwest as well as sticking to fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

3. Do not take 8:30 am classes (or just early classes in general)

What your advisor didn’t tell you when you thought you did this all the time in high school, was that in HS you didn’t have the opportunity to stay out until 2 am every night. Unless you want to pass, stick to a manageable hour that you know you can wake up for and make it to class every week. I personally did this my first semester and it was brutal, I had a lot of trouble making it on time and having the energy to stay awake.

4. Go to your professor’s office hours and get to know them

This may not seem like a big deal to you now, but going to a professor’s office hours for help shows you’re truly invested in the class and can pay off later on. Professors are invaluable in terms of writing letters of recommendation as well as providing research opportunities. So get a head start for building your resume and making connections!

5. Get involved in Greek life, a club, or a sport

Being surrounded by tens of thousands of other students is definitely overwhelming and doesn’t make trying to fit in easy. But if you choose to join any of the activities mentioned above, finding a place where you feel like you belong will be so much easier. You’ll also get the chance to make some friends and add to your resume! Not only that, but taking it a step further and holding a leadership position helps as well.

6. Spend your money wisely

Of course, with the allurement of clubs/bars, buying a cute new outfit, and getting a bite to eat at that new expensive restaurant you might forget to watch your spending. As you move along through college, you’ll learn how to save your money for really interesting things like traveling to a new place and not on a new pair of shoes or outfit.

7. Don’t forget to call your parents

Your parents know all about how much of a great time you’re having but they will want to hear about it from you. No matter what year you are, they will always miss you and look forward to getting a call. Just take 30 minutes out of your day and Facetime or call them and believe me, it will mean so much to them.

8. Learn the bus system

If you’re a freshmen without a car, like I was, studying the RTS bus system will prove to be an incalculable asset. Whether you need to get to the store or get a ride home after going out with your friends, knowing how to use the app will help you out greatly. And, if you just don’t feel like spending money on an Uber knowing which bus route to take is the way to go.

9. Know how to manage your time

With all of the never-ending assignments and club or Greek activities life can get pretty hectic. Maybe you didn’t use a planner in high school or maybe you did, but the point here is that you will need to use one once you get here. Just putting down when assignments are due and when things are happening will make you motivated to get things done and get to your activities on time!

10. Enjoy your time at UF!

And don’t forget to savor every minute of it because the years go by so quickly and you will miss being a UF student when you graduate, trust me!


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