In college, it is difficult to find a balance between hanging out with friends and studying for classes. Since college is so different from high school, here are some tips that can help you find that balance.

1. Create study time within your schedule

When you create a specific study time everyday, it makes your life more organized. Along with this, you can easily tell when you have free time to do things with friends or do something you generally enjoy.

2. Join a club or sport

Joining a club or sport can help you make new friends and really get in with a group of people. Along with this, it can give you a break from studying and school. Spend some time looking through the clubs, because UGA has a bunch of clubs, and find something that you really enjoy.

3. Have a planner or calendar

Now that you are in college, you have to manage your classes and activities by yourself. It is also very unlikely that you will have the same schedule as any of your other friends, so keeping a planner or calendar that you look at every day will help you organize all your activities.

4. Find some time to relax by yourself

Sometimes college gets overwhelming and you just need a break from everything. It is okay to find some time once a week to be by yourself and de-stress. People have different ways of de-stressing, so it may take a bit for you to be able to find your specific way. Some examples include taking a bath, reading, watching TV. While you need time to relax, do not let your relaxation time take over and be an excuse to not study.

5. Go to class

Going to class even if attendance is not mandatory or enforced is a good idea in order to get good grades in college. Even if you do not understand everything the professor is saying, you can meet others in class and you can help each other out throughout the semester.

6. Explore outside resources

At UGA, there are many resources such as the career center, where you can get help with presentations or essays. There are also many other websites and apps that can help with managing your time. There is an app that I find to be very helpful that is called Focus Timer. This app is free and it has a 25 minute timer with 5 minute breaks in between. When you focus on one item for the 25 minutes and give yourself a 5 minute break, it works better than trying to focus on multiple things for hours.

It is difficult to find a balance between hanging out with friends and studying for classes. But with these tips and the tips you learn along the way, you’ll definitely have the best experience in college.

Carolyn Mundy

I am a Music Therapy major at the University of Georgia :)

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