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They say that going to a public university gives you access to more resources. In many ways, it is true. Scoring items for cheap and taking advantage of the free things UGA offers is a must. Here are some of the most valuable life hacks that you will be able to benefit from, whether you’re broke or not!

1. Pocket Points

Want free discounts to items at the UGA bookstore and to local restaurants in Athens? Here’s how it works: download the Pocket Points app and turn off your phone during class, then when you return to your phone at the end of class, you’d have racked up points which can then be redeemed for coupons!

2. Free resume builder

You’ll need to have a good resume on hand in college, so here’s a resource that provides professional templates for you. Simply use your UGA ID and password to get access:


3. Courseoff

This is a great website where you can create your class schedule before you officially register for classes. It even tells you how many spots are left in the class and who’s teaching it. Best of all, there is a neat, colorful layout of your classes in front of you. 


4. Free football tickets

If you don’t want to pay for a season pass but still want to attend a select few games, submit your name to the donation pool. You’ll be entered to receive a ticket, donated by students who can’t attend that particular game. The chances of receiving a ticket are decent, and it’s free! 


5. Free parking times

This PDF is incredibly helpful to make sure you don’t accidentally land a $40+ parking citation. It’s especially useful if you want to drive over to the gym, another dining hall, or to the music school to practice. Parking downtown is also free on Sundays.


6. Koofers

Everyone tells you about, but is another rating site you need to know about. The ratings page of Koofers oftentimes contains hundreds of reviews for teachers, whereas RateMyProfessor usually only has a dozen or so per teacher. However, keep in mind that Koofers is an older site so it will likely not have newer professors.


7. Phone charging lockers at Tate Student Center

Lost your phone charger but need your phone charged ASAP? Head over to the Tate Student Center and you’ll see lockers with any phone charger that you could need. 


8. Facebook Pages

There’s a Facebook page for practically every large group at UGA (if you thought you never needed a Facebook account, get one for your own benefit). Firstly, join the UGA Community with your UGA email in order to see all the various closed groups. The one group you need to be in is your graduation class group. There’s also a “Free & For Sale”, “Jobs & Internships”, and a “Lease/Sublease” page. If you want to hear some funny stuff, check out “Overheard at UGA”.


9. Athens Transit

Didn’t bring a car to college but don’t want to walk a few miles to go to a particular restaurant? Use your student ID to ride the Athens transit for free. It’s common to also use these buses to get from class to class, and this is also a good way to get to school from an apartment.


10. Transit method on Google Maps

Using the UGA app and checking the bus system on there is a must, but did you know that you can also use Google Maps? Just type in your destination and switch to transit mode, and it’ll tell you which stop you need to go to, which bus to take, and the ETA. The cool thing is it knows both the UGA bus route and the Athens Transit route. 


11. Free New York Times subscription

Thanks to our Student Government Association, you don’t have you pay to read the New York Times anymore! Sign up for your free access here:


12. Free Movies

This one’s a school favorite. This past semester, the Tate Movie Theater showed movies like Wonder Woman, the Lego Batman movie, Baby Driver, and Beauty and the Beast. There was even a midnight premiere of Justice League! The movie schedule is updated here:


College is a terrific time for free and inexpensive resources. Many of these are essentials that UGA students use quite often. Hopefully you’ve gained some knowledge to improve your college life in little ways and decide to try out some of them!


Sarena Tseng

I'm currently a first-year Psychology major at the University of Georgia with the intent of becoming an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. I love writing as well as sharing helpful and entertaining content! Other things you might find me doing are playing violin, crocheting, and volunteering.

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