Many students are looking for some easy classes to take at Guelph every year. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Guelph!

1. UNIV 1200 – Interdisciplinary Seminar

This course is geared specifically for first year students to help ease them in to university life and adjusting to taking a 5 course load each semester. It is a great stepping stone to really getting a feel for having 5 classes to commit to now, as this course is not content heavy like your core course! Unfortunately, you can only take this once for your first year and only during your first year. On the up side though, there are so many cool topics that Guelph offers, like “I Fought the Law” or “Stupidity and Critical Thinking” or even a Star Wars course!! There is no final exam, just assignments, discussions, and projects. So if you want in on one of these classes, decide soon because they fill up super quick!

2. FRHD 1010- Human Development

This course is great if you have an interest in how we as humans develop and progress from birth to death. This course is super straightforward, with simple evaluations. The discussions are every week but, you only need to get 8 percent from that which is not hard to do if you take the time to do them, which is 5 minutes tops. The topics are also very interesting so even if you do get your 8 percent you might find yourself still continuing to do them!  The major project is either a scrapbook or paper which, if you follow the rubrics and the Professors directions, you can do well, even get perfect!

3. MUSC 1130 – Introduction to Musicianship

Who doesn’t love music? You would be surprised at how much you know, just by listening to music everyday on your own. This course can further enhance the way you listen to music and also give you an appreciation for music from different periods. If taken online, there are 5 or 6 quizzes that are listening quizzes or written quizzes where you have to figure out the song playing or who it was written by. It is a super fun course to take, especially if you’re someone who isn’t in any musical program at the University.

4. CIS 1000 – Introduction to Computer Applications

This class is great for people who aren’t all that tech savvy like myself! The assignments are simple and the Professors and TAs are there to provide assistance to the best of their abilities.  CIS* 1000 is perfect for you whether you’re someone who has an interest in technology or if your someone who has no skills in technology and would like to learn the basics- this is a good course to start! There are a few assignments that you have to do which are simple, and if you follow the rubric there’s no way that you can fail. The only drawback is that the assignments take time so make sure you budget for that!

5. FRHD 1020- Couples and Family Relationships

I know what you’re thinking; “Another FRHD course? Really?” But I swear, if you’re looking for a major bird course, this would be it!! Most of the material in this class is common sense so it would be easy to rationalize if you’re not immediately sure of the answer and there are weekly quizzes to do which are very simple and an excellent source for a mark booster! You can also learn a lot about the relationships that your form with your family and friends too!

6. SPAN 1100- Introductory Spanish I

This course is excellent if you have a love and appreciation for languages that are not your own. Also, taking French, which in structure is similar, will definitely make this course easier than it already is! You do have to study for the tests simply because they will in Spanish (duh!) but there are a lot of easy marks given for participation and coming to seminars too! The textbook is vital for this course so no getting around that, and to do well, like the other courses, do your homework each week it’ll take you ten minutes maximum- promise! I’ve heard that they’ve played Dora videos in class so if you have a niece or nephew, sitting down with them to watch a couple episodes (so people don’t think you’re weird) would be a step to prepping for this class!

7. PSYC 1000- Introduction to Psychology

This course is one that involves a significant amount of memorization but it is a fun class that is not hard to do well in! You learn a lot of interesting things about how humans operate and how we have structured things in society! This course lets you think differently and consider theories or ideas from perspectives previously never considered. If you are someone who is intrigued by how humans function and how we are effected by different things, I would recommend taking this class!

8. FOOD 2010- Principles of Food

Principles of Food is a course that has amazingly simple course assignments and evaluations! This is a great course to take to help boost your average, especially if you’re taking content heavy courses like Chemistry or Physics. You get an easy grade while learning cool facts about food processing that you can drop at your next family dinner. Nothing like showing your parents what their money pays for. 🙂

9. WMST 1000- Introduction to Womens Studies


If you identify as a feminist or someone who has a keen interest in learning about the achievements and advances of women, this is a really good course to take. You learn about the roles of women in different cultures in society functioning together.  Lots of discussion happens in lecture in this class, which is important and a great way to have the lessons learned stick in your head!

10. GEOG 1220- Human Impact on the Environment

If you are a nature lover and have an active role in saving the environment this is a great first year course to help further your knowledge. It teaches you about the dynamic relationship between society, the environment, and technology. You also learn about progressive process that are actively trying to reverse the negative effects humans have had on mother nature.


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