Course selection is tough at University of Guelph. Enduring the gruelling four years to finish off your degree is a lot tougher. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Guelph!

1. EQN 1010 – Introduction to Equine Management

Do you love horses? Or maybe you’re even a horse whisperer? From tractor driving to learning how to groom these majestic beasts, this introductory horse course is perfect for an animal lover who wants to get out of the classroom and earn a great grade at the same time.

2. HORT 1130 – Science of Gardening

You may not be an old, retired grandma yet, but you’ve still got time for a little gardening during your degree. Learn about pretty flowers and what plants look good beside each other, and how to make the perfect garden in this first year horticulture course. Who knows, you may just end up making yourself a nice garden outside of your dingy apartment on Gordon.

3. EDRD 1400 – Introduction to Design

Environmental design, with a value added of how to better design your grade point average. With lectures that are supposed to take up three hours of your time each week and get cut off abruptly at an hour, you can’t go wrong. No midterm, no final, and a whole lot of participation marks make this course an easy A, and you get to respect the environment at the same time!


4. PSYC 1000 – Introduction to Psychology

Do you like reading people’s minds? Knowing what everyone in the room is thinking? This course will give you these abilities and more! PSYCH. It will really just boost your GPA. With a non-cumulative exam and discussion marks, learning about the brain has never been easier on your mind.

5. SOAN 3100 – Gender and Family

Let’s be honest, with what’s considered “politically correct” these days, you can say anything in this class and it can’t be wrong, it’s an expression of you! With a take home final and a no study midterm, guys, gals, and everyone in between will reap the rewards of this easy course!

6. HIST 2280 – Hockey in Canadian History

No it’s not a joke. This course will teach you the ins and outs of Canada’s game AND you get marked for it. Chances are if you got to a Canadian university, you already know a thing or two about the sport. Wheel, snipe, and celly your way to a class that’ll slapshot your mark into the 90s.

7. MCS 1000 – Introductory Marketing

Some say the biggest bird course to ever exist. This first year marketing course has 90s flying off the shelf faster than anything on a Black Friday Sale. Textbook? Forget it. Anything taught in the course or read in the textbook will already be common sense.

8. THST 1200 – The Languages of Media

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Are you a future film critique? Instead of taking notes in Rozanski or War Mem, cuddle up to a late night flick in an evening class and add a credit to your degree in the meantime.

9. FREN 1090 – Basic French Reading

Remember French class in elementary school? Well this is just one step above that. This introductory French course is equivalent to a grade nine level, except this time around, you get a university credit for it. Not a bad gig. Je ne sais quois would be better!

10. UNIV 1200 – First Year Seminar

From photography to animal stories and sleep to varsity athletics, a first year seminar course has everything to learn and talk about. Interesting and easy is a lethal combination in post secondary schooling that shouldn’t be passed by. First years everywhere should take note of this course.


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