There are many residences on the campus of the University of Guelph, so it’s very hard to distinguish between the quality of living between each of them. Today we’re going to be discussing the best residences to live in based off of popularity.

1. Johnston Hall (5/5 stars)

Easily the most popular residence on campus and the figurehead building for the University is Johnston hall. You will most likely see this building on every UofG advertisement as well as each and every student card. The architecture of the building is outstanding and it is also the oldest building on campus. Right next to Creelman Hall, as well as Johnston Green, Johnston Hall is almost in the centre of campus, which might explain why it is the most requested residence at the University of Guelph.

2. Lambton Hall (4.8/5 stars)

Lambton Hall offers UofG students a unique choice of suite-style rooms, as well as a newly renovated residence. The residence also offers dorm style rooms for the sake of variety. Along with Johnston Hall, Lambton is also considered a North residence and is close to many cafeterias.

3. South Residence (4.5/5 stars)

Known for being the largest residence complex in Canada, housing over 1800 students, is the south residence complex. This residence is made up of three interconnected buildings, which all include their own dining facility. It is also conveniently placed beside the bus loop as well as the newly renovated athletic centre. One of the great benefits about this residence is the amount of people you will get to meet.

4. Lennox-Addington Hall (4.4/5 stars)

The Lennox-Addington residence is the third largest on campus, as well as the HQ for residence services. it includes a restaurant, convenience store, as well as a cafe all within the building. Being the closest to the residence desk it will prove to be the most convenient for any problems you have within residence.

5. Mills Hall (3.5/5 stars)

A much smaller style residence is Mills Hall, which is located between Johnston and Lennox-Addington of the North residences. The residence only houses approximately 150 students which is relatively small compared to the others. It has a great common area and is conveniently located very close to Creelman dining hall.

6. East Residence (3.2/5 stars)

East residence is the second largest on campus, housing over 600 UofG students each year. It provides its students with a unique residence experience, much like Lambton, with its suite style living quarters. The bad part about this residence is that is significantly further from all of your classes and you will most likely only meet people on your own floor.

7. Artz Haus (2.5/5 stars)

Located behind Johnston Hall near central campus, Mills Hall is the smallest residence on the campus of UofG. Artz Haus has a special focus on creativity and expression for its typically BA majoring students which can be highly recommended for those in the BA major. The downside of this residence is you will not be able to meet as much people in your residence, as it is much smaller.

Overall, each residence at the University of Guelph offers a unique experience and there is both positive and negative traits regarding each one. These rankings are again based on general popularity and in no way represent actual statistics or findings. Given this information, you shouldn’t worry too much about which residence you are assigned to, and make the best of your time in residence regardless.


Andrew Leenders

Finance and Economics Student at the University of Guelph

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