The campus has a lot of character. Even more character than one might imagine. Going to Guelph is like stepping into a storybook… one story book in particular that we all know as Harry potter. Here are the 8 reasons the University of Guelph is basically Hogwarts.

1. The architecture

Walking through the Guelph campus, you can’t help but be transported back in time… or even better, to Hogwarts. The buildings at Guelph give off a magical vibe, what with their intricate stonework and their climbing ivy vines. Walking around North Campus makes you feel like you’re the luckiest student ever to have received your acceptance letter.


2. Acceptance letters are literally delivered by a Gryphon

As if it wasn’t cool enough that Guelph has a mythical creature for a mascot, the Gryphon actually goes out and delivers acceptance letters to incoming students near Guelph. This is almost as cool as getting your Hogwarts letter delivered by an owl.


3. The Bullring is pretty much Hagrid’s hutt.

The Bullring not only serves some of the best food on campus, but is also a cute little round brick building tucked away in the trees. Remember in the first movie before Hagrid’s hutt moved down the hill? Yeah, that’s exactly what the Bullring is.


4. And Creelman hall is a close second to the great hall

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect to be able to get prime rib at my university’s cafeteria. When Creelman has a good special on, you can eat like a king. The high ceilings and beautiful exterior also make Creelman feel like a mighty fine place for a feast.


5. Everyone at Guelph has a pet.

Well… this isn’t exactly true. But there are enough guide dogs and squirrels on campus that it definitely feels like it. If you name a squirrel Scabbers, you might find Ron chasing him around campus someday.


6. Guelph’s colour’s are Red, Gold, and Black

If it doesn’t scream Griffindor when you see someone walking around campus in a red and gold rugby sweater, you may need to re-read or re-watch Harry potter. Guelph’s colours allow every student to feel like they belong to the most courageous of houses. And we’re all Gryphons, so we’re a close second to being Griffindors.


7. We actually have a Quidditch team

And they’re competitive too. These are not just some Harry potter fans running around, this is a real sport, and it’s pretty intense. When they rep the red and gold, you better believe they will make Hogwarts- er Guelph proud.


8. Your classmates become your family

Remember feeling like maybe if you just had matching cloaks and scarves you could actually relate to your high school chums? Well at Guelph, even without that, your classmates will become your family. The community at is so strong that all the Neville Longbottoms of the world will be backed up by 15,000 supportive Gryphons. And that kind of kindness is just what makes Guelph deserve 10 points for “Gryphon”dor.


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