Going away to school is one of the hardest things that a person has to go through. This is the fist time that you are leaving your friends, families, pets, etc. With this being said, this transition could be made smoother through the tips that all freshmen should know about before coming to UofH.

1.Greek Life

One of the most important things at UofH is to try to get involved. There may be a stigma against greek life. This is the total opposite at the University of Hartford.  By doing greek life, it is an opportunity for students to get involved with on and off campus activities. These activities consist of community service, breast cancer walks, etc. Not only do they do great things for the community, but it is a great way to network yourself and meet more people.greek



As an incoming freshman, it is understanding that it is a difficult adjustment to share your room with a complete stranger. One thing that all freshman should know coming into school is that they have a chance to pick their roommate. For example, if you meet someone who you have a great connection with at orientation, then you could room with that person. If you have no other choices you could always room with a random person. But once you meet friends, you could always switch and move into their room. dorm room


3.Upper Class Housing

What’s unique about the University of Hartford is that after your freshman year you don’t need to live in a dorm room. This is very important to know because living in a dorm room can be tough. This is because there is limited closet space and is very clustered, but you only need to live here for a year. This is because at UofH you are able to live in upper class housing after your first year. Upper class housing is very important because you get to live with more people than just you and one other person. You will also receive full access to a kitchen. Most schools do not have upper class housing until after your sophomore year, but at UofH you are received upper class housing after your freshman year.

Kitchen 2


4. Meal Plan

As an incoming freshman there are multiple options for meal plans. The first choice of a meal plan is an all week all access meal plan. What is good about this is it is a 7 day a week unlimited swipes meal plan to the university commons. This is good because freshman don’t have a kitchen, so it makes for a quick option when your on your way to class. This meal plan also comes with $100 dinning dollars. These dinning dollars can be used at Konover or at Genres Student Union. The other option that students have it a 100 300 hundred meal swipe program, that comes with $1000 dining dollars. This second option is more optimal for students that have a kitchen. This is because the swipes and dining dollars go very fast. Meals on Wheels Food


5. Parking

What’s unique about UofH is that freshman are allowed to have cars on campus. Most colleges do not usually do this, but there is a twist to bringing your car. In order to bring your car on campus you must buy a parking pass, this parking pass costs a whooping $500. The other problem is that there is very limited parking for students as well. Bringing your car as a freshman is very important, and is a great option. As most things, there is a twist to  it, but overall it is worth having it on campus whether you’re a freshman or not.



6. Public Safety

Even though being away from your parents might feel as if it is going to be a 24/7 free-for-all, you will learn shortly that it is not. On campus there are strict rules that all students must follow, and public safety officers are definitely there to enforce these rules. The public safety is a very important aspect of living on campus, and you will be having daily interactions with them.



Upon entering the University of Hartford there are many things that freshmen need to know. Leaving home for the first time is very exciting, but there are many rules that all students must follow. Overall, the University of Hartford is a great place to form life long bonds and have an overall excellent experience.

Marshall Kassman

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