At the University of Hawaii at Manoa, students are required to complete two foundation group courses also known as FG courses for the UH Manoa core requirements. Within the FG courses are three groups to choose from, Group A, Group B, and Group C. You cannot choose two courses from the same group. ART 175 Survey of Global Art I is in group A. All Art majors are required to take ART 175 as an FGA. If you decided to register for this course, here are 5 tips to survive ART 175!

1. Go to the Lecture and Discussion Session

You’re required to attend the lecture and discussion session. The lecture holds about 130 students. In the lecture, you don’t have to talk, but you do have to answer questions using the i-clickers. The professor quizzes you on the recent reading you had for homework. This counts as participation and attendance in class. The discussion session is once a week and there are about 15 students per group. In the session, you’re graded on your participation- so be ready to either ask or answer questions from your teaching assistant (TA). Prior to each exam, there will be an exam review to help you prepare in advance.

2. Complete the Assignments

ART 175 homework is not hard and you have a week to complete the online assignment. Every week you are assigned a chapter to read online and it is due on Sunday at 11:00PM. You’re graded on completing the chapter quiz. Attendance, main lectures, and sections 10% each and 20% in total. Each lecture includes 3 to 5 i-clicker questions. If you don’t participate then you will receive a zero for that day. The professor will drop the two lowest (including absences) i-clicker session scores. The online quizzes are 20% of your grade. Two midterm exams and the final exam is worth 20% each towards your grade. There are no curves in the grading scale for ART 175. Art majors must earn at least a C  to count towards their graduation requirements. Non-majors must earn at least a D.

3. Create Flashcards for the Midterm Exams and Final Exam

In one semester of ART 175, you will have two midterms exams and one final exam that covers 6 chapters per exam so a total of 18 chapters. During the mid-term and exam, you will be given 10 slide ID’s, one minute per slide ID. You need to know the title, artist, date (century, need to inside BCE), location (city/state AND country) and the medium (what it is made out of). Make flashcards to memorize all the information! The second portion of the exam is the compare and contrast + 3rd image. You will have 15 minutes for each compare and contrast. You have to be able to describe using technical terms and use historical context. The third image can be taken from the textbook or class lecture, or you can also use the images in the slide ID’s (the first part of the exam). You should be able to connect the three images with the question, which is based on a particular theme, such as art and the body or funerary rituals.

4. Ask your TA for Help

Always ask your TA for help about anything because they will be happy to help you. Depending on who your TA will be, they will accept walk-ins. You can always email them if you’re unsure about anything about the class. If you’re uncomfortable in participating in the discussion session, you TA gives you an option to meet with them one-on-one to receive participation points.

5. Don’t Procrastinate

This class has a lot of memorization so do not procrastinate in this class. Don’t forget to do the electronic homework due at the end of the week. The best thing to do is prepare your flashcards for the next exams in advance and then takes notes on the flashcards while you are in class.

The best thing to do is ask questions when you’re unsure and prepare yourself ahead of time for the exams. This course isn’t that difficult and it is manageable to pass this class if you use these 5 tips. Good luck!


Julie Sakai

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