Nhan dich tieng anh gia re

As an undergraduate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, your UHM core requirements is to take a Writing Communication (FW – 3 credits). The best class to fulfill that requirement is English 100. Here are 5 tips to pass English 100 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

1. Register ASAP

You’re required to take ENG 100 your freshman year at UHM. You can either take it the Fall or Spring semester. ENG 100 takes about 20 students per class. Since there are a lot of freshman students, your chances of you getting the ENG 100 you want can be tough. Look for a couple of ENG 100 classes that fit your schedule before it is your time to register.

2. Go to Class and Participate

ENG 100 isn’t a difficult class because you’re mostly reviewing what you’ve learned in high school. The best way to pass this class is to show up. Attendance and participation are worth 20% of your grade. Your papers are worth 80% of your grade. You’re allowed three excuses for the semester. After that, your grade will be dropped a third of a letter grade. Save up your excuses and use it when you’re sick or during finals week.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

You’re assigned a paper two weeks before the rough draft due date. Do your best to complete it ahead of time so you won’t procrastinate the day before it’s due. During the semester you will have a total of 4 papers. You will have to give a brief presentation of your topic for your last paper of the semester.

4. Meet with your Mentor

You’re required to meet with your ENG 100 mentor four times throughout the semester. If you ever get stuck on your paper, the TA or Professor are happy to help you. UHM also offers a free one to one writing tutoring at the Writing Center. Use your available resources to write an incredible paper.

5. Make Friends

You’re going to need two people to peer review your paper. Try to make friends ahead of time so you’ll have people to edit and comment on your drafts. You can also ask them to update you on what you missed in class if you were absent for that day. It is also nice to make new friends especially if it’s your first year in college.

ENG 100 is an enjoyable class if you pay attention and participate. The best part of this class is that you have no finals. You’ll just have to turn in your final paper and you’re off the hook with this class. Try to use these 5 tips to help you pass ENG 100 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Good luck!


Julie Sakai

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