College is very expensive and the tuition cost $10,000 for in-state and $30,000 out-state for the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Do you know what your tuition is paying for? You’re actually paying for certain benefits at the university that you should take advantage of. Here’s what your tuition is paying for at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

1. Unlimited Gym Memberships

Did you know you pay $50 worth of athletic use at the university every semester? That means you get unlimited use of their brand new gym on campus. You get to use the weights, run on the indoor track, play basketball, volleyball, attend free Zumba classes, use the locker room to take showers, borrow yoga mats, and etc,. Save your money and don’t pay for a gym membership when you can work out on-campus.


2. Discount on Movie Passes

We all could use a break within the week after attending all of our classes. Watching a movie is the best way to relax and adventure off into another world. The movies cost a lot of money which a lot of colleges students cannot pay for. Thanks to the University of Hawaii at Manoa allows students to purchase discounted movie passes at the Campus Center Ticket by showing your UHM ID.


3. UH Athletics tickets at the UH Manoa

The best part of college is the athletic team. Come support our Rainbow Warriors at the football, basketball, volleyball, etc., games by purchasing tickets to their game. UHM students get discounts on the UH athletic tickets just by showing their ID!


4. Free Transportation

Did you know you pay $50 for the UPASS fee? UPASS allows UHM students to use the public bus for free for the semester. Students save the usual cost of $2.50 per person for the bus. Since you’re paying for the UPASS in your tuition better put it to use! UHM also offers a free shuttle bus that takes the students around campus, to the dorms, and near the shopping center.


5. Student Activity Fee

The UHM tuition includes the $12 student activity fee. Take advantage and get involved in the activities on-campus. Attend events that include poetry slams, live entertainment, crafts, fitness days, and much more. Some events offer free food!


Overall your tuition includes not only the number of credits per class you’re taking at the University of Hawaii at Manoa but also other uses. Either you use the benefits or you lose them. You should take advantage of what you’re paying for to have a fun time at UH Manoa.


Julie Sakai

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