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Reminder: You are a student in Hawaii, there are countless things you could do ranging from beach days, hiking, ziplining, and so much more! These are just a few hot spots on the island that are a must do if you are a student at UH Manoa or just visiting!

1. Manoa Falls

This fall is extremely beautiful and surprisingly close to campus! This hike is known to be for beginners since the fall(s) are considered to be a touristy attraction. However there is an ongoing trail that continues up the mountain to where you can discover multiple falls on your own! It is sketchy and dangerous so be careful! The hiking trail itself is very beautiful with constant things to look at around you, such as a bamboo forest, or even a little river running alongside of you! Don’t forget to bring bug spray, shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, your bathing suits, and a towel!

2. Electric beach

This beach is amazing and perfect for snorkeling or ocean diving, and has the most beautiful waters, fish, corals, and marine wildlife! All the fishes seem to come over to this beach because of the big electric plant across the road which uses seawater as a coolant and then recycles this water through a big pipe out into the ocean. This Water is very warm and attracts a large variety of sea life here. Fishes, turtles, and dolphins galore!

3. Stairway to Heaven

This amazing hike was also known to be called the Haiku Stairs, and is permanently closed due to unsafe conditions and is one of the favorite “Hawaiian Forbidden Trails”. Brave and ballsy hikers are able to sneak on the trail around 1am until sunrise in order to beat the security guard on watch. Many people say it is absolutely breathtaking and worth the early morning and the chance of getting caught! This hike is difficult concerning the fact that it’s dark outside and you are trying to hike an unsafe terrain. Take a risk and hike this trail!

4. Diamond Head

This hike is a must do if living here in Hawaii because of how simple, easy, close, and beautiful it is! If you go to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, you obviously know where the Diamond Head is located because it is the biggest monument on Oahu and it stares right at you wherever you go! This hike is somewhat close to school and easy to conquer. The hike itself is about a 40-60 minute moderate hike with a beautiful 360 view outcome on the top of Diamond Head peak!

5. Koko Head Stairs

This hike could definitely could as your workout for the entire year because of how crazy steep it is going over 1,000 steps! This stairway will test your strength and endurance levels for sure, so always be sure to bring water because boy will you need it to make it to the top! But once you make it to the top of the hike, the view of the ocean and island sure makes it worth it.

6. Crouching lion hike

This hiking trail is more of an off the road hike made for experienced hikers due to the fact that the hike is dangerous and you are hiking through a rainforest most of the time until you reach the top of the mountain and able to see mindbending views of the ocean! The trail is a 4 mile loop with an elevation of 2,000 feet and the middle of the trail is where the dangerous knife-like ridges are, making it a necessity to be cautious and maybe bring someone who has hiked the trail before. But once you reach the top, the views will make your heart skip a beat that’s for sure.

7. Maunawili falls

This trail is a good, easy, simple trail you can go on with your family when they are visiting or even just an easy trail to hike on with your friends. There are three access points for this trail making it very easy to find and hike. The falls trail is a great hike located in Kailua along a river that eventually stops at a beautiful waterfall with a great swimming hole below! Once again, be sure to bring bug spray, shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, your bathing suits, and a towel!

8. Lanikai pillboxes

This hike, also known as the Kaiwa Ridge Trail is a very mediocre difficulty level of a hike because of the steady steep uphill climb right from the start of the trail, however has an eye dropping view of the waters of Hawai’i on the coasts of Lanikai once you reach the pillboxes (old bunker). This hike is one of the most picturesque and pleasant hiking trails on Oahu and it will be having you say, “Look What Jesus Did!”

9. Kalihi ice ponds

The beautiful tropical oasis of Kalihi Ice Ponds is located just at North Shore! These beautiful set of three-tiered waterfalls and pools located in the back of Kalihi Valley, and is considered to be a very easy hiking trail to hike and get access to. The water usually very chilly hence the name ice ponds, and the picturesque of the falls are extremely jaw dropping and definitely a must see for students at UH Manoa.

10. China Walls

China Walls is a really popular cliff jumping spot because it is so easy and such a beautiful location as well! China Walls is on the East side of the Island by the popular beaches Sandys and Makapu’u. These walls are a beautiful location to just chill with friends during the day or after a rough day at school or even to watch sunset, and perfect to jump right off into the refreshing ocean. However getting back up the walls are quite tricky so always make sure you come with friends who can help you!

11. Trampoline at Pounders

Feel like changing your beach day around a bit? Then make your way over to a trampoline that sits in shallow waters off Laie Beach Park, also known as Pounders Beach. The trampoline is attached to remnant pilings that supported a pier a long time ago, and was put together by a quad of locals that just wanted to put a twist on having some fun in the sun. make the trip and come to this fun and exciting hot spot to jump around with some friends and try something unique to this island!


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