Wondering what classes are cool to take at UH Manoa? Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at the University of Hawaii Manoa!

1. SOC 335- Survey of Drugs and Society (DS credit)

This class is known to be very interesting for those wanting to get involved with criminal justice and narcotics. The description of this course is that it teaches about the use of drugs in America among adults and teens. Also, this class is known for the students to be independent since attendance isn’t always necessary. If you want to learn about the harmful effect of drugs and their effect on people in modern day, then this class is highly recommended! #CSI: Manoa

2. HAW 100- Language in Hawai’i: A Microcosm of Global Language Issues (FGB credit)

Hawaiian 100 course has proven to be the most entertaining, engaging, fun, easy, and interesting class offered here at UH Manoa. This class is basically a “survival kit” for life in Hawai’i. You dip your toe in the water and become introduced to Hawaii’s culture, language, stereotypes, and language related issues. Be prepared to be involved in a discussion every class since it is not a common lecture course. The class is unique because it is only offered here at the University of Hawai’i making it a must do!

3. OCN 201- Science of the Sea (DP credit)

In this course, you will not only learn about the features of ocean basins seawater and waves and tides, but also about the characteristics of marine organisms and how us humans impact the ocean! A field trip is also required for the class, so you will be able to do a fun visit to the Waikiki Aquarium or whatever options are available! It’s is always fun to get out of the classroom and learn things that way. Also, the class is taught in three different sections with three different professors, making it easier for the students to get the best information from the best sources for just one course. The professors and TA’s are also known to be very engaging and helpful for students.

4. HWST 107- Hawai’i: Center of the Pacific (DH credit)

This Hawaiian Studies course is a unique course and one of a kind only to UH Manoa and is an introduction to the “unique aspects of the native point of view” in Hawai’i. This class is known to be difficult since it does require effort, attendance, and studying, however it is insanely cool how it is only offered at UH and teaches about the origins of Hawai’i, its language, religion, land, art and much more! You’ll be bragging to all your friends from other colleges how you have this class and they don’t!

5. ANSC 201- Principles and Practices of Animal Science (DB credit)

In this Animal Science class, the main topics revolve around biology, behavior, and management of animals, and their economic and social importance to the world. You will specifically learn about animal genetics, reproduction, behavior, nutrition and body management. This course is a more both a lecture and a discussion class, making it more fun, engaging and hands on. Also this class offers fun field trips, including going to farms to see pigs! How great is that?

6. ZOOL 200 & 200L- Marine Biology & Marine Biology Lab (DB credit)

This Zoology course(s) is offered to those studying Biology and ecology of marine plants and animals. You will be learning about coral reefs, the deep sea, rocky shores, marine mammals, fisheries, aquaculture, pollution, and conservation of marine resources. Field trips are required and students are able to visit Coconut Island off the coast of O’ahu! The Lab is about 3 hours long and the field trips accompany ZOOL 200 to different places on O’ahu and Coconut Island! This class is known to be very interesting and fun for those majoring in Marine Biology! #gosealife!

7. ENG 100- Composition I (FW credit)

This class is known to be the easiest class offered for freshmen. It is an introduction to university level writing by learning the rhetorical devices that improve writing skills, and other tips and information that improves your writing dramatically. The teachers are usually easy going and always excited to help students that take the initiative to ask questions! The teacher usually teaches students searching sources strategies, writing tips, and helpful editing. This is a requirement course for freshmen only and quite an easy one at that. This class is also known to have mandatory attendance in order to pass, so make sure to never miss class! #easyA

8. BIOL 403- Field Problems in Marine Biology (DB credit)

This course is provided for those majoring in Marine Biology and is a lecture class with interesting and cool lab experiments and field trips to always keep the students on their toes. BIO 403 field trips are usually to visit Coconut Island and so some experiments and field research there (research that focuses on the biological processes and origins of the lives of marine organisms). Students are also required to do some personal field research as well, to prepare them for future doings. This class is very hands on and engaging which is very cool since it differs from regular, boring lecture classes with boring labs. #spiceitupabit

9. HON 101- Introduction to Research and Creative Work at Manoa (3 credits) [Honors Program students only]

In this honors class, only offered to students in the Honors Program, students are placed in a small discussion class with a professor that you will get to know very well. There are about 10-15 students per class, and attendance is mandatory to pass! The discussions are instructed by professors that teach about educational importance, bibliographic searches, laboratory science, social surveys and most importantly, interviews. The main portion and final for the class is for the student to construct a one on one interview with a professor on campus and write about it all. This class is cool because it successfully supports students for future field work and field research. Students gain the knowledge and skill of interviewing and how to analyze different things. A super engaging, fun and interesting class! Be prepared to talk though!  

10. PSY 100- Survey of Psychology (DS credit)

This psychology course main goal is to teach and help students gain a perception on psychophysiology and social psychology. The class is known to be very easy and have funny and engaging professors and TA’s. This is an introductory class, so the material is supposed to be very basic and simple for students that know nothing about psychology in general. If you want to learn about human personalities and learning perception, then take this cool class!


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