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10 University of Houston Library Resources You Need to Know

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Lauraanna Quinting
The University of Houston is a state research university and the flagship institution of the University of Houston System. It is known for its research which is why you need to know about different sources you can use to attain good research. Here are 10 different resources that the library has that will help you.

1. Special Collections

1850s and 1860s Hotel and Restaurant Menus Special Collections are usually historically older documents that are either a preserved original document or a representation of the original that happens to be rare. In this case an example of what you might find in the collection could be old restaurant menus. But the collection has many other topics of history as well.

2. Maker's Space

Makerspace project in progress The maker's space is a special space meant for those who are innovators and creators. The space allows students to bring their own materials or use any of the kits provided. A few examples of kits that the library provides are: sewing kits and hot glue gun kits.

3. 24 Hour Lounge

 computers in the 24 Hour Lounge Just because there are no library staff at all times should not mean you shouldn't be able to do your homework. The 24 hour lounge allows you to do this at any time. It is open for students and has at least 12 windows desktops that are made for you to do your homework.

4. Group Study Rooms

photo of newly renovated group study room The group study rooms are meant for those needing a space to study. You are able to rent out one of these rooms but you must book ahead of time. Depending on timing such as peak hours during exams please give yourself at least a week in advance.

5. Multimedia Studio

use of the multimedia studio The Multimedia studio is meant for those students that need to create a high-end multi media project. This is perfect to be utilized in that you can have a chance to work in an actual studio that can provide music and video support far beyond anything that your normal computer could do.

6. Photocopiers

 a representation of the looks of a photocopier Photocopiers are available to all students. But keep in mind to be wary of yourself and others. Do this by not abusing the privilege. You must have your student ID on hand in order to use the photocopiers. This is a great tool if you are waiting on a book and need to read a section.

7. Scanners

 the look of a scanner Scanner use is allowed an encouraged. If you have a document that you need for a project you can step up your game by using a scanner to download any historical original documents. Such examples of these would be old newspaper clippings or even photos.

8. Printing

 the use of printing in color There are a variety of different printing stations depending on where in the library you are. You must have your student ID(cougar card) in order to complete the job. Each semester you get an amount credited that can be reloaded. Each print job is about .01-.1 cents per page.

9. Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software

 Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text software This is a tool that is available for those that visit accessibility services. It is meant for those students that need to have their text spoken to them. This is more so for students with learning disabilities that are in the more mental scheme. But can also be utilized for students who are blind.

10. ZoomText (software for screen magnification)

representation of the program zoomtext ZoomText is meant for those students that visit the office of accessibility. The software can be downloaded to a computer. Its main purpose is for those who have trouble seeing things up close. You can also decrease the magnification as well.

Libraries at the University of Houston

1. MD Anderson Library

MD Anderson Library main library The MD Anderson Library is the main library on campus. It is filled with study rooms, places to do group sessions for collaborations. It also has helpful staff that are more than ready to help with all your researching needs.

2. William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library

William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library This is the perfect library for those that are seeking inspiration in the field of art and architecture. It holds volumes of information that is related to different angles and looks that best fits the modern schemes of great art of today. Check out the looks of this building!

3. Health Sciences Library

Health Sciences Library located in health building 2 The health science building is your ticket for all things medical. The health sciences pertain to subjects such as biomedical and even lead to the sciences that will help in your journey to being a doctor or a nurse. Meet like-minded people while being in a building that is fine-tuned to your major.

4. Music Library

the Music Library is in the moores school of music The music library holds all things music related. It carries volumes of DVDs, records and CD's. It also has information on the old style music genres that have led to how music has changed throughout the years. Make sure to ask about checking out any great music.


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