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Math Courses at University of Houston

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Ally Zukowski

Rapper Lil Wayne and actor James Franco are just the few notable alumni that attended the University of Houston. Students have an abundant choices on which classes they want to take. This opportunity in education helps them graduate as they are ready to face the real world. Many mathematics courses are provided to obtain credit towards students degrees. Here are 10 mathematics courses students can enroll in at the University of Houston.

1. MATH 1450 - Accelerated Calculus

An equation labeled and used for calculus.

This is a 4 credit course. This course introduces an accelerated calculus sequence. Topics include the calculus topics covered in both MATH1432 and MATH 2433. The professor for the course is Dr. Mehrdad Kalantar. Prerequisites are one semester of advanced placement high school calculus and placement out of MATH 1330.

2. MATH 2303 - Concepts in Algebra

A simple algebra equation with a for variables on a chalkboard.

CMatthew Caputo teaches this 3 credit course. The course introduces mathematical systems. Topics include classical and abstract algebra, systems of numeration, and basic number theory. Prerequisites for the course include MATH 1312 or MATH 1313.  

3. MATH 3306 - Problem-Solving in Mathematics

Solving a variable math problem on the chalkboard.

Virginia Hollyer introduces students to strategies for solving problems in mathematics. Topics include reduction to smaller problems; analogy in mathematics; conjecture and proof; the processes of abstraction, generalization, and specialization. Prerequisites include Three hours of 1000-2000 level Mathematics, excluding MATH 1300. The course is 3 credits.

4. MATH 3307 - Statistical Applications

A normal curve on a graph shaded in red.

This course introduces basic probability with topics of sampling, statistical prediction, and process control. Virginia Hollyer is the professor for this course. Prerequisites include Three hours of 1000-2000 level Mathematics, excluding MATH 1300. Students will receive 3 credits.

5. MATH 3335 - Vector Analysis

Analysis word lettering illustration with icons for web banner, flyer, landing page, article, etc.

This course introduces algebra and calculus of vectors. Topics include vector differential operators, Green’s and Stokes’ theorems, curvilinear coordinates, and tensors.  David Blecher is the professor for this 3 credit course. Prerequisites include MATH2433.

6. MATH 3338 - Probability

A probability question showing a percent in shaded and unshaded circles.

Dr. Anna Vershynina teaches discrete and continuous probability distributions. Topics include random variables, cumulative distribution functions, density functions, expectation, variance, and covariance. Prerequisites include MATH 1432. This course is 3 credits.

7. MATH 4315 - Graph Theory with Applications

A series of graphs colored in green.

CThis course introduces basic concepts, results, methods, and applications of graph theory. R. L. Moore is the professor for this course. Students will earn 3 credits towards their degree. In order to enroll in the class, students should have taken MATH 3325 or MATH 3336 and three additional hours at the MATH 3000-4000 level.  

8. MATH 4310 - Biostatistics

A bridge that connects the ideas of biology and statistics.

CWenjiang Fu introduces students to statistics for biological and biomedical data. Topics include exploratory methods, generalized linear models, analysis of variance, cross-sectional studies, and non-parametric methods. Prerequisites include MATH 3339,and BIOL 3306.  The course is 3 credits.  

9. MATH 4320 - Introduction to Stochastic Processes

A stochastic process graphed in multiple colors.

William Ott is the professor for this course. He introduces students to generating functions in the mathematics process. Topics include discrete and continuous versions of Poisson and Markov processes, branching and renewal processes, introduction to stochastic calculus, and diffusion. This is a 3 credit course. Prerequisites include MATH3338.

10. MATH 4388 - History of Mathematics

Math written in various mathematics tools in front of ripped graph paper.

CThis is a 3 credit course. Caitlin Westjohn is the professor that introduces students to the history of mathematics and its impact on civilization from the ancient world to modern times. Topics include critical events in the development of mathematics, notable mathematicians, and the importance of their discoveries. Prerequisites for the course include MATH 3333.

These course are only a handful of the courses provided at the University of Houston. Students have a choice of which courses to enroll in according tho their intended majors. Just like the notable alumni, students will graduate happily and successful in their careers. Time to grab the books and earn a degree!


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