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Every commuter knows how scary it can be to start school. You don’t know if you’ll make any friends or how to get insight to all the university hacks and secrets. To be successful, here are some helpful tips to prepare you!

1. Get to school early!

Being on campus already guarantees you to get to class on time! You’ll be ready for the day without all the stress of getting through that Houston traffic and to class on time.

2. Check your email!

Professors will cancel class time to time with just a morning notice! So, always check your email and make sure you have class without having to drive to campus to find out there is no class.

3. Making friends!

Be involved with everything! Join clubs, participate in intramurals, go to sports games! You don’t always have to live on campus and meet those who live in dorms to make friends!

4. Music is a must!

That long drive you have has got to be boring alone, so, you got to create a rockin’ playlist for the road! Commuting through Houston will take some time no matter what time you’re coming through, so, having the best music lined up on your phone will at least make it better!

5. Be prepared!

You are a commuter so you can’t just run to your dorm and get whatever you need. Bring anything you think you might need and keep it in your car just in case. Maybe a swimsuit for the pool, another change of clothes, jacket, workout clothes, anything! It doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Commuting isn’t so bad when you know what you’re in for! Soon, you’ll have your own tips for commuters and will definitely know “How To College”! Following these tips should help you out and get you through college at UH with a great experience!


Macy Leanne Parmer

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