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As amazing as the University of Houston is, the goal is to become a Cougar Alumnus. Sooner rather than later. With how many hours degrees require, it is easy to take longer than absolutely necessary but graduating in 4 years is possible as long as you have a plan!

 1.Make Each Class Count

Don’t overload your schedule but take as many hours as you can handle – taking extra classes and then failing does NOT make you get done faster. Go to class, you’re paying for it so why waste your money?

 2.Take Summer Classes When You’re Able

Anytime that you can use that extra space between semesters helps you stay on track. UH has multiple options if you can only attend during parts of the summer. Surrounding community colleges also offer additional options that are less expensive if you still have classes that they offer toward your degree (check out HCC and Lonestar).


 3. Keep Up With Your Degree Plan

There is nothing worse than finishing a class and it not counting toward your degree, or realizing that a class you were planning on taking next semester requires a prerequisite that you could have knocked out this semester. Degree plans and undergraduate catalogs are available online to keep you informed. Be proactive and don’t expect someone else to do it for you.


4. Stay In Touch With Your Advisors

On top of doing your homework with your degree plan, remember you have professionals that are willing and available to help. There are only a few times that are mandated for you to see an advisor but there is nothing wrong with going as many times as you need. Advisors will also have the information in case classes are only offered certain semesters. Be sure to bring in your work with your degree plan, your appointment will be a lot more helpful and you will feel prepared to finish on time.


5. Find What Helps You Stay Goal Oriented

Whether it’d be paying for school on your own or having a job that you would not want to make a career out of, find something that continuously reminds you to take care of business. Find a friend that is closer to graduating that knows the importance of staying focused during every stage and that isn’t afraid to let you know when you need to get your act together.


Remember, every Cougar graduation plan is different. Your priority may be 4 years and out while others’ situations may require them to take their time. Find out what’s best for you and if 4 years is what fits you best, use these tips to help keep you on track! Go Coogs!


Macy Leanne Parmer

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