1. Squirrels…They always come up to you practically begging for food, but like, if I had enough money to buy food for you why haven’t I bought food for myself yet??

2. Speaking of food, the line at Chick fil A is always unnecessarily long.

3. and the line at Starbucks for that matter. Like, I need to be able to get my caffeine fix without falling asleep in line.

4. Can we also talk about how it is nearly impossible to find a quiet study area on campus during midterms? Library? Packed. UC? Too loud. Cougar Grounds? Packed and loud.

5. thatfeelwhen you have an 8:30 AM class at SEC and then your 10 AM class is at Melcher hall. The trek across campus alone feels like walking 5 miles, coupled with the weight of your backpack and student loans it feels like 10. Who needs the rec when you can just walk across campus?

6. 8:30 classes. We all woke up at ungodly hours to go to school when we were in grade school but having to wake up early for a college class just feels wrong. #whyeven #isthedegreeworthit

7. The traffic though… Houston has pretty bad traffic as a rule, but it always seems to be the worst when you are running late for a class, or an exam…or both.

8. That being said UH has one of the most diverse- if not the most diverse- campuses in the nation. Aside from the random “You are all going to hell” protester, campus is a loving and inclusive place. You literally see people from all over the world here.

9. Football is a big deal. Even if these coaches ain’t loyal.

10. Also say goodbye to your fitness goals and call up the funeral home for your wallet because the food trucks at UH are no joke. Whether you are craving a waffle burger (trust me, you want one) or shaved ice, we gotchu.  


Anam Haque

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