College is a time for experimentation and exploration. This article skims the surface of some interesting classes they have to offer at University of Houston!

1. Literature and Medicine

If you are into reading and are interested in healthcare or the healthcare situation in the US I would highly recommend this class. The readings draw you in and artfully draw attention to problems and issues in our healthcare system.

2. POLS 1336

This may be kind of a basic class, it is after all one of the core classes required at UH, however in my experience we got to discuss current topics and events occurring in our government. We took an in depth look at the 2016 presidential election and learned about the politics behind it all.

3. Molecular Basis of Infectious Disease

A class for the true nerds out there, this class gives you an in depth look at disease and how it manifests itself in the body.

Rumor has it, that once you take this class you begin to mentally evaluate every object you come in contact with and deliberate on how much staph. Bacteria are on those yoga mats you use at the gym.

4. Frameworks of Accounting

Is the idea of being a business mogul appealing to you? Yes? Take this class and you will become one.

Okay that may be a bit of a stretch, but in this class you learn how to examine financial statements in depth. Through doing so you are able to determine whether a company is doing poorly or well, and will therefore learn how to best run a business!

5. Photography

This class forces you to open your mind and be creative as assignments include- shocker- taking pictures of things. Things can be everyday objects or people that you know, but photography is an art because you can put your own personal spin on the shot and let the audience see things from your point of view.

6. Earth Systems

In this course students get an in depth look at the planet we live on. Students learn about ecology, and weather patterns and how the earth derives its energy. Not your run of the mill biology class, but sometimes its good to take a class that is a little different and causes you to see things differently.

7. Psychology

If the idea of psychoanalyzing all your friends sounds good to you then I would recommend taking some psychology courses while you are at university. Psychology is interesting because it allows you to learn more about yourself, the way you think, and the way your mind works. Learning about the evolution of mental health care throughout the years is fascinating as well. 

8. Health and Human Rights

This course looks at health care from a patient’s perspective. If you are a pre-med or are interested in working in the medical field this class is especially interesting because it allows you to be privy to a point of view that you would perhaps not be aware of or appreciate otherwise.

9. Any Language course

LEARN A LANGUAGE!!! Learning languages builds bridges to other cultures and fosters open mindedness. Plus, the more languages you know, the easier it is to travel. Many language courses offer study abroad options as well, and who doesn’t want to learn Spanish in Spain? After all… the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain..

10. Nutrition

With the abundance of junk food around us college kids, it is useful to take a class and learn what proper nutrition should be. This allows you to make better choices for your body and lets you see why your body functions better when fueled by certain foods! And you will finally figure out a way to justify your midnight Oreo binges- just kidding there is really no way to justify that.


Anam Haque

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