The MCAT is the entry exam for medical school and is known for being very lengthy and difficult. People spend months preparing for it and often spend hundreds if not thousands on study materials and test prep courses. The following classes offered at UH will help prepare you for the MCAT as they cover material that the MCAT tests over, and will help put you in a better position to do well on the exam.

1. The basics- General Biology (BIOL 1361, 1362) , General Chemistry (CHEM 1331, 1332), General Physics (PHYS 1301, 1302)

These are the 3 basic sciences that most medical schools require. Try to take these classes early on in your college career as they often serve as pre-requisites for other upper level sciences that you will also need to take for medical school and that will ultimately help prepare you for the MCAT.



2. Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3331, 3332)

The MCAT does test you on Organic Chemistry, however not nearly as much as it does on other subject matter like Biology or Biochemistry. That being said, you will need to know and memorize certain compounds and mechanisms so this class will help prepare you in this regard.

Chemistry or biology laborotary equipment


3. Biochemistry (BCHS 3304, 3305)

The MCAT does focus rather heavily on Biochemistry, as it applies a lot of the concepts that you learn in Biology, Chemistry and even Physics to enzymes and molecules found in the body. Taking this class- at least the first semester- before taking your MCAT will save you from having to learn a lot of the material like memorizing the different amino acid names and structures and the Krebs Cycle and Photosynthesis cycle on your own.



4. Human Physiology (BIOL 3324)

This subject matter is not directly tested on the MCAT, but taking this class will definitely make it easier for you to read through all the passages they test you on. This class will help provide you with a relatively detailed understanding of the human body, which, while not necessary, is very helpful and will definitely put you at an advantage while taking the MCAT.



5. Genetics (BIOL 3301)

Genetics is tested on the MCAT and taking this class should prepare you well enough to where you can answer the Genetics based questions with relative accuracy. That being said, Genetics is not a very high yield subject that is tested on the MCAT so you could potentially get away with not taking it. However, if you do want to be as prepared as possible, taking this class would definitely help.



6. Psychology (PSYCH 1300)

The new MCAT has a section devoted to Psychology and Sociology. This subject matter requires a lot of memorization so it is always nice to have a background and have a good understanding of the subject before delving into preparations.



7. Sociology (SOC 1300)

Sociology is also a subject that is now tested on the MCAT. Taking this class will therefore help prepare you for this section of the exam as it will provide you with a nice general understanding  of the subject material and will provide you for the more intensive training that you will need to do for the MCAT.

Sociology bookshelf


8. Medical Terminology (HLT 3325)

Medical Terminology is not directly tested on the MCAT but again, learning basic medical terminology will help you when reading the scientific and research based passages, as it will help you to decipher what they are talking about.



The MCAT is difficult, but taking these courses before taking the exam will help you be better prepared and will make your study experience a little easier and less stressful! Happy studying!


Anam Haque

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