As a Biology major or Biomedical Sciences major at UH you will be required to take a certain number of Biology electives. Even as a Chemistry, BioChemistry or Mathematical Biology major, you will have room to take some science elective courses, and if so you can refer to the list below for some ideas. Many of the preceding courses have a focus on health or medicine so if you are interested in those topics these will be especially appealing to you.

1. Cell Biology (BIOL 4374)

In this class you get a general overview of cellular processes. It builds upon basic knowledge that you learn in General Biology and goes a bit deeper. This is an interesting class that teaches you about the inner mechanisms of cellular processes. It isn’t too difficult and is pretty interesting!



2. Human Physiology (BIOL 3324)

In all honesty, this class is a bit of a challenge. It requires a lot of out of class studying and reading and memorization but this class allows you to apply a lot of the biology and chemistry and physics concepts that you may have learned earlier in your academic career to physiological processes occurring in your body.



3. Microbiology (BIOL 2333)

In this class you focus on different bacteria and viruses and learn about their different metabolic and life processes. You learn about these microbes and how they impact your life in both positive and negative ways. This is especially interesting if you are interested in healthcare and medicine as you learn about a lot of the small factors that can contribute to disease.



4. Evolution of Infectious Diseases (BIOL 4369)

In this class you learn about the ways that bacteria infect your body and try to avoid your body’s immune systems and defense mechanisms. This class is similar to microbiology with the exception that it places more of a focus on infectious disease and the different microorganisms that are responsible for them. But again, this is an interesting class to take if you are interested in the healthcare field.



5. Endocrinology (BIOL 4354)

This class focuses on hormones, which are basically chemical messengers that flow through your blood and influence the way your body responds to certain external and internal stimuli. If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or if medicine is interesting to you, you will especially enjoy this class and it may help prepare you for your future schooling.



6. Neuroscience (BIOL 4315)

In this course you will be taught about the nervous system and it’s two components. The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system will be delved into and explained which can be fascinating if you find the human body and its mechanisms to be interesting.



The aforementioned courses are all interesting and intriguing courses that you can take if you need a Biology elective for your degree plan or even if you just have an opening in your schedule and have an interest in healthcare. These courses are different from the usual required sciences classes because they often integrate the information you have learned previously and apply them to other situations.


Anam Haque

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