Just because you are a pre-med does not mean that your life must revolve around science classes! Sure, you can have a Natural Science and Mathematics major but you can minor in something else that will help supplement your education and aid you into being a better physician or health care practitioner.

1. Business Administration

Having a background in business may be advantageous for someone that wants to go into medicine especially if you want to open your own private practice one day. Knowing a little bit about running a business will help you make smarter choices in the future in regards to running your own practice.

its business time


2. Medicine and Society

This minor is within the Honors College, so you would have to be in the Honors College to be in this minor however, this minor is very enlightening for anyone who wants to go into health care. In this minor you take classes that allow you to analyze what it means to be a good physician, what it means to follow the patient’s best interest and what it means to be a patient. It allows you to view medicine from a different perspective and may help you be a better physician.


3. Spanish

In this day and age, it is a great advantage to be bilingual, and Spanish is one of the fastest growing second languages in the US. Especially if you want to practice health care in states like Texas, where many people solely speak Spanish, learning Spanish and being able to communicate with your future patients without need of a translator will help you be a better physician by bettering the bond and relationship that you will have with these patients.

talk to performance


4. Human Nutrition

In recent times there has been a shift to where people are putting a little more emphasis on preventative care, which nutrition is a big part of. Minoring in nutrition will help you to supplement your plans for patient care in the future, as you will implement some of this information into your practice.

Diet and exercise
Fresh appetizing apple and brightly colored dumbbells tied with a measuring tape. Slight reflection, white background, focus on the apple

5. Psychology

Having a background in psychology will allow you to be a more holistic and perhaps open minded medical practitioner. In the past, psychology and psychiatry has not held as much importance in the medical field as it should have, which is now changing, and having a minor in psychology will help prepare you for all of these changes that are occurring.

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A lot of the aforementioned minors can be a breathe of fresh air amongst all the science heavy courses that you will inevitably take as a pre-med. However, they will teach you extraneous skills that will prove beneficial to you in the future.

Anam Haque

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