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10 University of Houston Buildings You Need to Know

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Ratna Prabha
Discovering your college is an exciting and a challenging activity. the journey of exploring the vast campus, understanding which building houses what offices, where you need to go for all your classes and lab, and hearing and stories and legends surrounding the old, beautiful sites that dot your college is both exhilarating and confounding at the same time. Here are 10 important buildings in the University of Houston (UH) you need to know.

1) Roy G. Cullen Building

The Roy G. Cullen Building This is one of the oldest building currently on the UH campus and was opened along with the Science Building that is situated right next to it. You will the long corridors of this building filled with students waiting outside their classrooms doing the pre-reading or preparing themselves for class.

2) Moody Towers

The Moody Towers This student hall consists of two 18-story buildings and can accommodate over 1000 students. This hall offers multiple facilities for students including Wi-Fi, dining facilities, and more. There are InterTower sports competitions organized. A fun place to spend your college life in!

3) Ezekiel W. Cullen Building

Ezekiel W. Cullen Building The name is usually shorted to E.Cullen Building and houses the main administrative offices of the University of Houston. In fact, it is the headquarters of the entire UH system.

4) Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum This building is home to contemporary art and artworks. It is located in the precincts of the Arts District of UH and is an important place for UH art students.

5) TDECU Stadium

TDECU Stadium This large sports stadium on the campus of the University of Houston hosts multiple sports events including track and field meets, football games, and more. You will have the privilege of seeing this beautiful stadium come alive on important sporting events days.

6) Technology Annex

Technology Annex This one-story building has numerous classrooms and lab facilities. The Technology Annex was one of the earliest buildings constructed on the UH campus. Its old-world charm is still evident.

7) College of Technology Building

A computer lab Housing the administrative offices and departments of the College of Technology, this three-story building has many computer lab areas and classrooms for the convenience of students taking up a major or minor program in technology.

8) Isabel C. Cameron Building

The Isabel C. Cameron Building classroom 101 The offices, classrooms, and lab facilities of the Human Development and Consumer Science Department are located in this building. So, if you are a student of human resources or its related subjects, then this is the building for you.

9) The Albert and Mamie George Building

The Albert and Mamie George Building This is another huge building complex at the University of Houston that has numerous classrooms and lab facilities. This building complex houses the College of Nursing and Sugar Land. The size of the building and the quality of facilities are bound to make you feel proud of your college.

10) Brazos Hall

Brazos Hall This is a bigger complex than the Albert and Mamie George Building and houses classrooms, labs, and offices for the faculty and staff of UH Sugar Land.

Interesting Facts About the University of Houston

1) Every Friday is Red Day

the color red Wearing red every Friday is not just a tradition but a way of telling the world what the University of Houston stands for. The color red unites all students, staff, and faculty, and wearing red Friday on reflects this unity.

2) The University of Houston Class Ring

The UH ring This ring is presented to students each semester during a formal ring ceremony. The current students wear the ring facing inwards while the alumni wear it facing outwards.

3) Shasta; the UH mascot

Shasta Shasta is UH's cougar mascot. Five live cougars were the mascots between 1947 and 1989. When the fifth Shasta died in 1989, students in Shasta costumes play the role of the much-loved mascot.

4) Rubbing the paws for luck

Cullen Plaza There are cougar statues in Cullen Family Plaza and it is considered to be good luck for students to rub the paws of these animals before an important event such as an exam or a sporting event.

5) Push-up celebrations

Team push-ups For every point scored by the UH teams in a football match, the cougar mascots perform celebratory push-ups.


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