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10 Library Resources at the University of Illinois Chicago

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Jennie Bachman
27 Nov 2018
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The university library at the University of Illinois Chicago aims to empower the UIC community to discover, create and use new knowledge hence supporting research teaching and service mission in the university. The library serves as a resource to its students, faculty, staff, Chicago metropolitan area and the state of Illinois. Its resources include:

1. UIC Icard

UIC Icard sample The Icard provides the students access all the time to the library and all its resources. The Icard is a form of identification showing one is a student in the university.

2. Ishare

interlibrary loan It is an interlibrary loan between the libraries in Illinois. Allowing the library user to access materials that are not available in a library. In addition to Ishare, the interlibrary is expandable to anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

3. Accessibility for the Disabled

a person in a wheel chair accessing a library Disability is not a hindrance in UIC as anyone who cannot access the library because of his disability is assigned a proxy borrower to check up and pick items from the library for them.

4. Printing services

HP Printer The printing and scanning services are offered to students and staff who use the library. Scanning and photocopying are also available.

5. Computers

Computers in a computer lab Computers are available for use to student staff and even the visitors using the library for research. The library learning lab is open all through for its users that is 24/7.

6. Library search

Library search The library search helps library users to search for books, events, articles, news and much more content from the library home page or through the magnifying glass icon on the top right of every page in libraries homepage.

7. Off-campus access

Off-campus access Students, faculty, and staff can access the libraries resources remotely by just logging in to the library proxy URL. It allows the authentication of library subscribed databases and journals as well as articles in PubMed and Google Scholar.

8. Special collections

Special collections The library holds archives and special collection books with details about UIC and materials that facilitate learning and more research by the library users.

9. Study Spaces

A Study Space with students There are enough study spaces in the library. The library has study rooms for individuals who want fewer distractions when doing their studies and others that support group discussions and presentations.

10. Citation Tools

Logos of various citation tools The library has resources to help the users to understand the writing styles and the citing styles that are relevant in research. The tools are available via the library's web page and each of them has tutorials of how to use them.

5 Libraries at the University of Illinois Chicago

1. The Richard J. Daley library

The Richard j Daley library The library is a short distance walk from the UIC Halsted stops on the CTA blue line. It houses most of the special collections and university archives specializing in the history of Chicago. Additionally, the library has collections of humanities social sciences arts and engineering materials.

2. The Health Science library- Chicago

The health science library- Chicago The library houses materials on dentistry, medicine, nursing, and other health-related professionalism. Its special collections include the history of nursing and the pharmacy collection, the Percival Bailey library (neurology), the Keifer collection (urology) and the Nyhus collection (gastroenterology). It gives the UIC faculty and students icards access to the first floor during early morning and late night hours.

3. The library of Health Science-Peoria

The health science library- Chicago

The library is located on the second floor of the college of medicine at Peoria. The library collaborates with the college of medicine and nursing to meet the needs of the student's faculty residence researcher and staff affiliated with the university.

4. The library of Health Science-Urbana

The library of health science-Urbana The library serves the UIC colleges of medicine and nursing in Urbana. It has collections that are only available to the students. The medical collections found at the Carle forum in the Masley resource center and nursing collection at the Grainger engineering library information center second floor (west)

5. The Crawford library of Health Science-Rockford

It serves residence faculty and students at the college of nursing, College of Medicine, College of pharmacy and medical biotechnology program in Rockford. The library allows its users to use the commons after the library regular hours.


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