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Health and Wellness Services at the University of Illinois, Chicago

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Amanda Burnes
6 Dec 2018
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The University of Illinois, Chicago is a public research university in the West Side of Chicago, Illinois. With their a 77% acceptance rate, they currently enrol over 30,000 students. Here's 5 of their health and wellness services!

1. Student Health Center

university of illinois at chicago health center The first health and wellness service at UIC is the Student Health Center. Students can come to health center as walk ins or make an appointment  to meet with one of the school’s trained nurses or doctors. These health professionals help students with their wellness related needs, whether they are sick or want medical advice.

2. Pediatrics Center

baby holding a stethoscope The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a pediatrics center within their health services for students with children, as well as for local families in Chicago. This center is a great resource that promotes the health of children in Chicago and on campus.

3.  Counseling Center

counselor and student The University of Illinois at Chicago has its very own counseling center. This center is super useful for students in need of mental health attention and advice. Students can make an appointment with a counselor to speak about their mental health concerns and problems.

4. University of Illinois Hospital

university of illinois at chicago hospital The University of Illinois Hospital is a very short distance from campus, making it easy access for students. They are a patient-centered hospital, meaning that their aim is to provide the best care they can for patients in need. They also have a fully equipped 24/7 emergency room.

5. Travel Clinic

man traveling far away A great resource at the University Health Center is the travel clinic. This clinic is all about protecting the health of students, faculty and staff who are traveling. The travel clinic provides advice, warnings, medication and immunizations for people who are traveling.


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